Mom Friends.

Lets talk friends. To be more specific, Mom friends.

I was laughing the other day when I got a call from one of my close friends here, and her name came up,

“Jen- Rileys Mom-Rec Center”

It was her name, her childs name, and where I met her.

I was so terrified in the first few months of meeting someone, a potential friend, and then forgetting their name and not able to call or text them to make friends. So I was very specific in their contact information.

One of my friends I had,” Emersons Mom- the really smart one that likes legos”


But truly, I felt almost paralyzed trying to make new friends in the first few months of living here. I joined a few play groups, and Bible Studies, but it’s almost like dating!

Hear me out.

I see a girl, she looks like my “type” ( Right?) She is wearing TOMS, so am I.

Her kid isn’t wearing something that says ” My aunt is cooler than your aunt” Check.

She seems like fun.

Her coat is cute, I wonder where she got that?

Should I talk to her? How do I start? Maybe if I give Ethan an m&m I can bribe him to go ask her something and that can be a segway?

Im so awkward.

The situation is awkward. After you do start talking and it’s fun and your kids get along whats the pickup line? If she doesn’t ask for my info, does she not want it? Is she thinking the same thing?

” We should totally do this again sometime”


“Our kids really seem to play well together, chick fil a tomorrow?”

Über lame.

So do you live around here? Want to be neighbors, and besties, and drink wine on my driveway while our kids play?

Run for the hills people.

So I ask you, how do you make Mom friends? Is it more natural for you? Do you hang out with the same people you always did?

I am so glad that a group of ladies here took a chance on me… and asked for my phone number first. In a way cooler, and classier way.

I think it was, “Will you be at playtime Friday? Great, maybe we will see you then, heres my info in case you ever want to get together, I know it’s so hard to make friends in the winter!”


Rad Republic Threads//


Rad Republic Threads is a new company the we got hooked up with via Instagram. It’s been so fun watching their ideas become a reality. They sent Phinneus a shirt prior to their website launching- so you never know what to expect fully. There aren’t product reviews and hundreds of images circling the Internet with their logo plastered all over! So, I have to just say I was blown away! The quality was great, the colors were vibrant, and the over all encounter and customer service was better than I could have hoped. Check out what they are doing as they continue to expand! Their product is rad!


Shirt c/o Rad Republic Threads


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It’s Wednesday… Here I am!


Yikes. Talk about slacker. I’ve missed the last couple Wednesdays and I have no good excuse for it! But it does lead perfectly into what I want to talk about today.


I feel like I am either battling too much time in a day, and not enough plans to fill it with or I blink and the day is gone!

My laundry is constantly piling up, my vacuum gets used a heck of a lot less than it should and yeesh, my bed hasn’t been made since we got home from CA.

I’ve been trying to work smarter not harder and be more proactive when it comes to playing Susie homemaker.

I utilize my crockpot to minimize dinner time prep, I try and do one load of laundry per day, and I try really hard to make my bed.

The biggest thing I’ve learned lately is that it really doesn’t matter what my home looks like, or if dinner is chicken again but it does matter if it affects me.

My mood is easily swayed by piles and piles of stuff everywhere. By hungry people asking about dinner and I forgot to thaw the meat, by stepping on yet another goldfish. I get snappy and short and I feel myself being the wife and mother I don’t want to be.

So for my own sake, I need a better routine. A more stable “work ethic” if you will.

All that being said, I’m definitely ready for some sunny days! I know my house suffers because were stuck in it all day! So bring it on Spring! We are R E A D Y.

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• Oil pulling •

Oil pulling is the trending fad of the moment…. Only it’s it not a new thing at all! Oil pulling is an ancient practice that’s just getting on the map. I was skeptical about all the hype but I couldn’t get away from it! Everywhere I turned I was reading something about it or hearing someone rave about it! I decided that I’d look into it a bit on my own.

While I was reading about it I was sorta laughing to myself because it was being talked about like breast milk! Hahah okay that sounds weird. I’ll elaborate! I’m one of those natural birthing, breast is best, mamas that wants only the good stuff for my babies! I am not a major fan of turning to western medicine for every ache and pain. In the hippie mama circle you hear people talk about breast milk as if it’s liquid gold magic! It can cure an ear ache, diaper rash, baby acne, pink eye , a stye, as well as be be the perfect food for your child! People who have started oil pulling seem to report a countless amount of benefits that covered a wide range of effects that weren’t all for vanity…. Though come on… I’m in it for vanity as well!

Okay okay! So what is oil pulling exactly?! It is the process of swishing or “pulling” oil threw your teeth and around your mouth collecting all the toxin stored up in your body! Amazing right?! I mean who wants toxins in their body?! Not me!

How do you oil pull? It’s really basic. In the morning you take anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon amount of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for TWENTY minutes. Okay! Okay! I promise it’s not as bad or as long as that sounds!! The fact that I had to do it for that long was my biggest deterrent but I promise it’s not awful or terrible or torture! You can do it!

Pro tip// when you’re all done be sure to spit the oil into the trash. You cannot swallow it (yuck) and you can not spit it down the sink or you will clog your pipes.


There are many claims associated with oil pulling but for me I’ll tell you my personal results as of now. ||almost 3 weeks of daily pulling||
-whiter teeth
-fresh breath
-less tooth sensitivity
-reduced headaches
- improved skin
- my day starts positively and energized.

The hardest part is the first 1-2 minutes. Coconut oil is not liquid at first so you have to kinda chew it to get it to liquefy. At first that made me gag but as soon as it switches to a liquid… You’re solid.

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Let’s talk Instagram!


Instagram has been such a beautiful and inspiring experience for me. It’s not only a creative outlet but it’s also a close knit community that I’ve so graciously been accepted into. I know there can be clicks//insecurities//comparison issues that take place but I choose to focus on the positive

I am thankful for the opportunity to document my daily life in little squares.

I am thankful for the true friendships that I have made.

I am thankful for the opportunity it has given my small business in regards to sales && collaborations.

On top of all that my little family has been blessed with opportunities to promote brands like freshly picked, camp wolf, the seeding project, white rabbit, mark it with a q, geo fox apparel, rad republic threads, and little boogaweezin! It has been such an incredible adventure! Hopefully we are representing you all well! We feel humbled and honored.

Cheers to even more friendships and opportunities!





Bow and bow tie c/o Mark it with a q!
Gold moccs by freshly picked

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young love

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

Well, in our case that’s totally the order it happened && fast. I can’t really comment on the timing being good or bad// it’s all I know. When I think back on the dating years I often times ask myself what I’d change. Like for instance my husband and I met very young and though we were friends for a long time before we were boyfriend and girlfriend we still started dating very young. Dating your future spouse when you’re like sixteen/seventeen is gnarly. It’s a huge responsibility and it brings up quite a few struggles over the years. However it’s also awesome and protects you from other struggles. It’s a weird space for sure. We often joke about how our kids are never going to date as young as we did…. But what if we followed our own rule?! Would we still be here today?! I DON’T KNOW! That’s the problem! There is no way to know!

Would we have more money if we focused on really digging deep into our careers before gettin hitched? Probably.

Would we have more possessions? Probably.

Would we have cooler cars or a more hip house?

But would we be happier?

Marriage is a tricky dance and there are obstacles that come up frequently but I’m thankful to have a partner who knows me and I know. Like we really know each other. We grew up together. We know each other in and out of season. We know the tones, the looks, and even the subtle silent body language. We certainly aren’t perfect. We don’t have it all figured out and we are far from accomplishing all of our goals but we are on our way! We love purely and we are not jaded by the world.

Can I say I have zero regrets? Certainly not! But if I had a do over would I make tons of changes? Certainly not! All of our choices have brought us to where were are today and where we are today is sweet.

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California To Do’s


Each time I visit California there are about 5 must do’s for me. They are all places to eat. Just be warned.

I thought I would share them on here for anyone that’s looking for a fun, fresh meal idea or for anyone visiting CA!

1. Eat at Bagels and Brew in Lake Forest. Now because I am doing no gluten and no dairy- I couldn’t do my usual. BUT if I were getting my usual it would be a Mission Viejo on a pretzel bagel with easy pesto cream cheese add bacon por favor.
2. Banzai Bowl in Costa Mesa. Ethan and I can split the large and it’s more than enough. Our favorite is the Da Kine with fresh strawberries.
3. Kèan Coffee in Newport Beach. The Almond Joy latte is a personal fave but their drip coffee is also amazing.
4. In N Out. Because when you grow up having this as your burger joint you can’t stray.
5. Baja Fish Tacos. Any location. When we lived in Costa Mesa our little family ate at this place ( embarrassingly) probably 3-4 times per week. When 3 people can eat a full meal for $14– and it’s healthy– and delicious– and freshly made. You can’t go wrong. 1 Taco combo with pinto beans. Thank me later.

Any other “must haves” in California?

//stripes// & f l o r a l s

Who says you can’t mix them up? Especially when you’re an adorable ginger & can get away with anything! Here’s what they wore!







Jean jacket- vintage Levi’s
Floral jumpsuit- Target
Striped twist headband- made by mama
Red high top Converse

Athletic sweater- Carter’s
Striped pants- Cotton On Kids
Socks- Baby Gap
Boots- Walmart

Have a blessed week!


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I am so / super / beyond blessed to be able to fly to California each time my heart gets too homesick. My Mom is a flight attendant and she is gracious enough to hand over her flight privileges whenever I ( and Ethan) need some California time.

Right now/ I am on a 3.5 week long “hibernation” of sorts out here in California enjoying every moment of sunshine & family. I will be back next week and I will be sure to share lots of photos of our fun trip!

love weight • baby weight//


I got married in a whirlwind. It was the craziest fastest thing ever. I mean we had known each other since we were fourteen, and had dated for over 5 years. BUT we had been broken up and not speaking for 8 months when he proposed! We were married four months later. It was very overwhelming for me and I was sort of detached from the process. I don’t think I could fully process it all at the time. I was graduating from college and life was moving at light speed. Most girls diet excessively leading up to the big day, but not me. I had just lost a bunch of weight right before we got engaged. This Bible college student didn’t gain the freshmen fifteen thanks to all the beer but packed on about 25 pounds thanks to Donut Man and Taco Bell at midnight. //we don’t party… we eat. Is that better?!//

I digress.

So we got married. Life was good. I started eating again. I gained about ten pounds the first year of marriage and didn’t think much of it. We started to try for a baby and within a few months that happened! Finding out I was pregnant was the joy of my life! During my pregnancy I worked really long hours the whole entire time and took care of my body the very best I could. I didn’t restrict my diet but I wasn’t eating like a crazy person but my body just got biiiiiiiig! I gained fifty pounds when it was all said and done. I looked and felt huge. However, I was really healthy. My labor was great and I had a completely natural- intervention free birth, to my perfect 7lb 14oz Phinneus Bear! About a week after his birth I was down 35 pounds! It was crazy! I didn’t look like my old self but it was a big enough change that I didn’t feel like I needed to go super hard and fast to get the weight off immediately. Plus i was breast feeding and wouldn’t dare compromise my supply. Fast forward 6 months I still had 10 pounds on me and I found out I was pregnant again! It was the shock of a lifetime! The second pregnancy I didn’t gain as much but I was still really big and the weight came off a lot slower after my delivery. I felt so torn. My body had just done something so miraculous. My body had blessed me and continued to bless me daily as it supplied for my baby. I started to lose sight of the girl I used to be and the body i once had. I started to settle. I started accept that I’d never be in a bikini again or slip into my favorite jeans …. And that was okay because I had my perfect babies. And you know what?! It would be okay if i never wore those jeans again and my babies are 100% worth all the stretch marks! But I am also worth it. I matter. The way that I feel and look matters to me because it affects my mood and my behavior. I decided to take control of my life again and make my body a priority. I started on the whole30 in June and transitioned into a Paleo lifestyle from there. It wasn’t easy. The whole30 kicked my booty the first week but then something switched. My energy increased, my skin started clearing, my sleep was more restful, and my body was shedding the unwanted weight quickly. I was so presently surprised. The way I felt and the moving number on the scale every morning kept me on track. I went to cabo in December and I was confident in my bikini again!! I couldn’t believe it! I ditched all the excess weight and was back to my wedding weight in about 4 months. Making that change was the best thing I could do for myself and for my family. Being healthy allows me to be the best version of myself for the people I love most!

So if you’re like me and you’ve put on the love weight, or the baby weight, or the stress weight take a deep breath and know that we’ve all been there! Now psych yourself up and conquer this obstacle that’s in front of you! It will not be easy bit it will be worth it!

//Don’t settle for less.
You were created for greatness//

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