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Hey readers! So I’m Kendra, the other half of this radical blog. I’m a 26 year old wife of a federal agent & mama to two redheaded firecrackers, Beckette James & Major Vonn. I’m still getting the hang of this mommy thing, but it’s been a great adventure so far & I’d love to share our stylish shenanigans with you. Here’s my short & sweet version of a bio.

I was born & raised in Southern California & absolutely loved it. Where else in the world can you go snowboarding in the morning, then grab your longboard & go surfing (sans wetsuit even!) in the afternoon? We now live in southern New Mexico for my husband’s job, but Southern California will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where I spent my childhood, met a best friend & ultimately married him. Let’s just say we are working on getting back there one day!

I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA in 2009 with a degree in Visual Communications. FIDM is where I discovered my love for g r a p h i c d e s i g n & I’ve been utilizing it ever since.

I’m a slight (okay not that slight) addict of Diet Coke, The Real Housewives, DIY & succulents, but being a mama has been my greatest joy in life. I am so blessed that The Lord chose me to be their mommy & my love for design has only expanded after my little bugs arrived. We would love to share our finds, styles & get-ups with all of you, but beware! Bits & pieces of this crazy thing called motherhood may be included as well! Please enjoy!


Kendra B.

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3 thoughts on “love, bambinos & design

  1. Nicol Martin says:

    I ADORE you both, sooo stinking much… best wishes for success, and open hearts as you venture into this new exciting territory. Transparency is the new black! Put it out there Lil Mama’s x2, HE is real, still doing miracles, and really CRAVES a personal relationship with us & the best adviser when it comes to raising AWESOME kids…. look at y’all!!! Godly mom’s ROCK!

  2. Goodness I love you! This totally made me smile! Thanks for being such an example of a Godly mama!! I think you rock!!

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