Positively exhausted.


So we are over a week into this whole time change thing and my little man cannot get the hang of it!
||Whoever invented the time change clearly was not a mama! Ya feel me?!||
Phinn sleeps hard and plays even harder so naps and a good nights sleep are critical! He has been waking up about two hours earlier than normal but still staying up just as late! Therefore, our days have been located in meltdown city! It has been rough and my attitude has been suffering. I always aim to be positive and joyful but this has been brutal. Since becoming a mama routine has become very important to me and breaking it has thrown me into a funk. Yuck! So today we are starting fresh and breathing deeply before reacting. What about you? What are y o u going to do today to reflect positivity and joy to the ones you love most?


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2 thoughts on “Positively exhausted.

  1. kendrabeshk says:

    You are a great mama & it’s okay to break routine! I also like things to remain relatively the same & predictable, but these babies are not, especially ours!

  2. Jenny says:

    Today I took Riley to the library and played and read books just the two of us. The time was well spent and a bonus we got to come home with great books to remember our good time.

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