//mandatory// date night


Remember that time when you & your husband could just up & leave to go to the movies, restaurant, bar or to visit friends? I often at times forget how spontaneous we were & also, how much we took it for granted.

Nonetheless, we traded late nights at McGregor’s (our go to bar in San Diego) for baby giggles, snuggles & the very often la you (love you). And after experiencing the j o y babies bring, I am NEVER looking back.

Having said this, I think it’s impossible not to forget at times who your husband was before he was your baby daddy. Don’t even get me started on remembering who you were before you were a mommy factory (my mom made that up, isn’t it great?).

Conjuring up a date night is a definite challenge for us, as I’m sure it is with a lot of couples. We live in a town with no family, have a spirited two year old & a nursing four month old & my husband has c r a z y hours at work. His days off are always changing but they are never Saturday & Sunday.

We loved going to movies before we had kids. We did that in high school every weekend & we just never grew out of it. We brought Beckette to her first movie when she was 3 weeks old & continued bringing her until was walking at 9.5 months //game changer// she was on the move!

Anyways, our date nights now are pretty simple, but sooooo enjoyed. It normally includes a redbox, a bag of popcorn & a diet coke in a wine glass. I do my hair & makeup as if we’re going out because we all know that when guys say they love the //natural// look, they don’t mean dreadlocks & dark circles included. We try to do our “date night” both days that he has off since he works 6pm-4am every other night. We look forward to this time together all week & it is way more appreciated than our outings to the gas lamp district in San Diego (before bambinos).

Anyone else in the same boat? What do you do for your makeshift date night?


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2 thoughts on “//mandatory// date night

  1. Man I love this! You guys are so cute and I’m totally stealing the DC in a wine glass trick!

  2. Nicol Martin says:

    Keep up the good work….. Time together is important! You two will always be very best friends:) (wish I was there to babysit) love, mama xoxo

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