a very beshky Christmas







So my family survived our first photoshoot as a foursome. We made it thru with minimal whines & not one tear was shed as long as Beckette got to hold Red Rock. And if you’re wondering, yes, James & I are speaking to eachother 😉

I call it a photoshoot because we got dressed up & made it a plan to actually mark that check box next to Christmas photos. However, we did not use a professional photographer. We are definitely on a budget, so I knew it was time to pull out the tripod & self timer.

We are blessed to have a pretty decent backdrop just on the other side of our backyard wall so we didn’t even have to drive anywhere.

As for our outfits, we are not a big matchy type family so I wanted to make sure we weren’t pretending to be something that we’re clearly not. None of us match eachother & that’s okay.

My hat, dress & boots are from Forever 21; my watch is from Coach & my necklace & bracelet are from JCrew. Beckette’s lace dress is from Gap, corduroy jacket is from Target, leopard boots from H&M. Major’s denim shirt is from Old Navy, pants from Target & bow tie by my fabulous sister in law, Alex Uritis. James’ grey jeans are by Levi & his flannel shirt is by Vans. And no, I did not dress him. He is my husband, not my son 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I will post a picture of our actual Christmas card once I design it //it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!// Remember to have fun & make memories when it’s time for yours!


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One thought on “a very beshky Christmas

  1. Nicol Martin says:

    Freaking out!!!! Love my Button and her family!

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