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I think there is one thing that moms of all backgrounds, beliefs & statuses can agree on. Letting go is really flipping hard. Whether it be a certain routine you’re trying to jump on, a fight with your man about the same darn thing you fought about before or not fitting into those skinny jeans you bought two sizes too small. Hard is an understatement.

Having only been a mom for two short years now, I’ve realized this… It’s just that. Short.

I can’t believe my colic-ing newborn who had to be held all day long is now an independent little two year old who wants to do everything herself. Beck do it. She’s growing into such a loving & sympathetic little girl who is the bestest big sister.

Beckette was a great sleeper from the start. Her brother, not so much. We are a somewhat co-sleeping type of family. I say somewhat because we didn’t start out that way but it looks like we may just finish that way. Major sleeps in his bassinet most of the night but always ends up snuggled next to me by morning. And all of this is okay.

I’m not saying that we won’t eventually put them in their own room, but it’s ok for right now. With my husband’s schedule being ever changing & mostly gone all night, I have to admit I like having them in bed with me. Maybe I’m guilty of creating bad habits but I know this time with my babies is just a spec & will be gone if I blink too much. So how am I making up for my lack of sleep? With a perfectly snuggly nap with both of them around 10am.

So if you are satisfied with your ability to let go, congrats! But if you aren’t, just remember that this life is short. This life with your husband is short & this life with your babies is even shorter. & always remember to let God do what He was meant to do, I mean He was the one who m a d e you.



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3 thoughts on “| let go | let love | let God |

  1. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to snuggle those babies all night! They are e d i b l e !

  2. Kasie Kap says:

    I absolutely love this post!!! Being a mom of three boys, I know how hard it can be to let go…. Having a colic baby as well (7 yrs ago), co-sleepers, no sleepers, snugglers, picky eaters, and everything in between :). I have always found it hard to balance my life with my children and my husband and friends and let go of “stuff”. You helped with the words “life is shorter” with your children!!!! So thank you so much for that. I will work on continuing to let go each day :)))))

  3. Nicol Martin says:

    Great words to live by, and love by!

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