I’m going on a diet.


I decided to go on a diet. Not a food diet. A social media diet. I find that more and more, in every quiet moment, I am grabbing my phone to check one thing or another. Or even just to pass the time.

As I sat in a waiting room the other day, awaiting my first acupuncture appointment ( more on this another day) I noticed that they had posted in many places to not only silence your phones, but also put them in your bag on the coat rack. There were stress balls to hold to occupy your bored Facebook less fingers, inspiring quote books to read through or a large comfy seat to sit under a heat lamp in. It was quiet, peaceful and freeing.

My sweet husband hates cell phones during family time, and I don’t blame him. There is nothing more annoying than being together and someone is sitting on their device completely ignoring you. I also completely understand seeing a moment that you need to capture. A moment in time you want to freeze and can! But I find that sometimes I am more consumed with getting a photo, than enjoying a moment. I’m a mom, a wife, not a professional photographer doing a family session.

I find that more and more I am noticing that I am missing moments I should be involved in because I am taking a photo, or a video or trying to post it somewhere. I was overwhelmed thinking about Ethan growing up only knowing me with my phone in my hand– that can’t be his picture of me. In his sweet little voice he always tells me “put down your phone mama- play for me!” Which translated means, play with me. BE more adorable. Oh that boy.

So with this diet I have cut down the amount of times per day I grab for my phone. Checking my Instagram only twice, my Facebook once and my e mail twice.

No browsing or perusing when I am with my son. I will use my arms to hold him and my hands not to filter photos and make witty comments, but to be a funny train or make a fun block tower for my him.

There is a quote that says ” the days are long, but the years are short”

Nothing could be more true with parenting. I don’t want to miss important moments where Ethan actually wants to sit with me, cuddle me, play and talk with me because I am checking status updates.

My hope in this is that my dependance on my phone and the comfort of social media will dissipate. That I will less and less compare my life to those I see perfectly edited on my feed. That I will focus on the small parts of my day that need more attention. That I will embrace the still- the quiet- the peace.

2 thoughts on “I’m going on a diet.

  1. Oh how I love this! I feel you hard on that one!! That all consuming “getttt THAT picture!” I’m excited for you to become better acquainted with peace. You guys are so gonna be bffs!

  2. Katie, I have literally been thinking about this post since it went up last week. The day after reading it I sat next to Ellie as she worked on her little advent craft, and I just watched… Took it in. πŸ™‚ And I cherished every minute of it! Of course I still documented her with the finished product, but I made sure to enjoy the time making it together. P.S. I love that you came up with an actual “this is how often I will check this,” rather than just deciding to do it “less” (which I have tried but is quite subjective haha). Ellie and I thank you for writing this and for motivating me to be a better mama!

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