We’re so California

It’s that time of year. Time for scarves, hot tea, lights & of course, Christmas trees.

Every year in California we would head over to the Christmas tree lot or even Home Depot, walk up & down the rows until we found the perfect one. As a kid I always like the Charlie Brown trees. I felt bad for the ones that didn’t get chosen & would eventually become firewood.

//I mean don’t they all?//

Being in New Mexico & starting new family traditions we thought we could pick out our Christmas tree in a new way as well. I’m not sure where else this is available but in New Mexico you can apply for a permit & cut your own. How fabulous right?

The drive to the closest national forest is about an hour and a half away. Not too bad. We make it to the mountains safe & sound. Now all we have to do is spot the one. However, there are regulations you have to abide by. Be at least 100ft from the road & no private properties.

This is where our California roots s h i n e. We all grow quite impatient looking for unfenced areas & Beckette starts dry heaving. So much fun.

I’m totally not picky when it comes to trees so we find one we like pretty quickly. We bundle the kiddos up in the snow & blizzardy winds. I’m coldy mama. Daddy drags the ax over & we watch him chop away. We make it back to the car in one piece & after freestyle nursing Major in the passenger seat, Beckette going #2 in her diaper & a few F bombs, James gets the tree strapped to our roof. Sweet bro, now let’s get the heck outta here.

We’re so California.





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One thought on “We’re so California

  1. Ha! I die! It’s my dream to cut down our own tree!! I’m glad one of ya got to do it…. Even if we are both so California!

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