Mom Face.

I feel like it’s really taken me a good portion of my grown up life to nail down my beauty routine. I’m not one of those girls who can use 2 products and be good. I love makeup. I love looking human/ Not frightening.

I have tried probably 75% of products out there. Seriously. I could have probably paid for a new car by now. I have the highest VIP level card at Sephora, which was both embarrassing and triumphant.

So I feel like I have the perfect routine for me right now. So now that I write this down, I will probably wake up with some crazy allergic reaction to something or all of a sudden hate all this make up- all because I said aloud how much I love it. Anyway.

Here’s the breakdown of “putting my face on” ( From left to right)


Tarte Amazonian Clay// Face Powder
– A girlfriend of mine recently introduced me to this. It’s free from all the yucky stuff a lot of makeup has in it, plus it’s amazing, plus Jessica Alba loves it. Win.

NARS Tinted Moisturizer//
– My staple year round. It’s so hydrating but also great coverage. A bit of an investment but I can use mine for a long time!
LUSH Lip Service//

– I had this in my stocking this year from my hubby and it’s quickly moved up to my favorite lip balm. Smells great! Plus no bunnies had to try it on while it was being developed. Which is just great.

NARS Blush//
– The name may make you actually blush- I don’t even want to write it- but it’s tried and true my favorite blush in the history of the world. Worth every penny.

Benefit Boing Concealer//
– I picked up this little miracle worker back when my sweet newborn was up many times a night and I had bags under my eyes that would be overweight on any airline. It’s magic. Even if I don’t want to put any make up on- I always have this on.

H&M Smoky Eyes//
– Yep, H&M the clothing store. I really love this shadow and for $5 per case, it’s a steal!

Loreal Shocking Extensions Mascara//
– I used to shell out $28 for a tube of mascara that I really loved. Until I figured out I was allergic to it and that’s why I looked like I had been hanging out in a pot house all day. So out with that and in with this! It’s $7 and is so wonderful.

ELF Liquid Liner//
I use this most days, because I like the dramatic definition it gives my eyes. Summer days in Ohio weren’t so great with this one so I was skipping it a lot. But it’s back in action now. It’s $3 per cube and I think it works as well as the Bobbi Brown stuff! Holla!

Origins No Smudge Eye Cream Shadow//
I use this as a primer on my lids. The color is so subtle but it stays put and holds whatever shadow and liner I slap on it.

Benefit It Works! Eye Cream//
Ladies, let me tell you. Between this and my eye concealer I look like I have slept 14+ hours at night. Which I don’t. Ever. So this really helps.

There you have it! What are some of your go to’s? Because I obviously will want to go out and buy them all!

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3 thoughts on “Mom Face.

  1. Dianna says:

    …and …you are one BEAUTIFUL momma!

  2. Oooooh I love this! I am in the market for new e v e r y t h i n g and this made me wanna try it all!

  3. Patricia says:

    ah great post!! super helpful for someone like me who hates having to guess at what to get haha. also super impressed at the sephora VIP card haha


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