Growing Up S U C K S

My baby girl is evolving into a little lady right before my eyes. Everyone told me “don’t blink because they’ll be grown soon” but I didn’t realize that saying is 193747282% true. This past month in particular has been one of //big changes//.

Beckette has never cried for me once when leaving her in the gym day care or Jesus school (Sunday school). However, this past time was wayyyyy different. I could see it in her big brown eyes that she felt differently about me leaving & then the tears came. That was all it took for me to scoop her up & take her with me, but it broke my heart. I want her to feel safe & comfortable without me, but how can I let her know that?

Another big change has been her awareness of shame. Precocious is probably one of the best words to describe my girl. She is so outgoing & goofy & so sympathetic. She is my little hero. She can sing the ABCs & count to ten & sing the Dora song & was never embarrassed when my husband & I beamed with pride. Until now. It’s as if she doesn’t want any recognition for her toddler accomplishments. How else am I supposed to react?

The last big change is we got rid of the boom booms (pacifiers). Hallelujah! I am now thanking God that Major won’t take one because boy did that get out of control! She became so obsessive & picky about them so I knew they had to go. We did it cold turkey & it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Dodged that bullet.

What are some changes your littles are going through & how do you feel about it?



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