out with the old•in with the new.

But is that so? Do you want to forget last year? Do you want to move forward- make new goals//redirect your path?! I don’t. In fact I never want to feel that way. I love the idea of a fresh start, a new beginning if you will- buuuuuut I don’t want to live like that. I want to be alive present and active today || in my life n o w ||

I mean I guess my logic is sorta wishy-washy. Even now I’m feeling conflicted. See, are you ready for this?! Here’s my point. God’s mercies are new every morning && I am forever grateful for that however, I don’t want to screw up today knowing tomorrow I have a fresh start. The same goes for these passing years. They go so quickly. I know everyone says it and I think it’s because of how true it really is! Was my last year perfect? Certainly not. But my last year was beautiful and full of love, provision, favor, growth, and laughter. I never want to forget that beauty. There was also pain, trials, stretching times, lean times, and more growth that wasn’t so fun and I never want to forget that beauty either. As we transition into 2014 I don’t want it to be a new book on my life, but rather a new chapter in the same novel that just keeps unfolding. I am excited for the fresh pages but I want to fondly remember the pages that came before. I want to forever be present in this life and so aware of God’s faithful hand guiding me. I want the theme of my life to be that I was there playing an active roll in this life I’ve been given.

Now here are some photos I bribed phinn with chocolate to get…





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