As some of you know, my husband and I are quite the nomads. We were married 5 short months when we found out we were moving from California to Minneapolis. Then just a year later, we were on our way back to California. Then 2 years after that, we accepted a job offer in Ohio. In the 4 years we’ve been married we have had 5 different homes and lived in 3 states!

Now my husband grew up moving all around, from San Francisco, to Michigan to Colorado and finally to California. Where we met and fell madly in love.

His sense of home is much much different than mine. Wherever his family was, that was his home. He never felt attached to a home, to a city, to any place. And I think he liked it! He loves adventure and seeing new places.

Me? I grew up in Lake Forest, CA never wanting to leave. I got brave in college and moved to Irvine– about 10 minutes from my parents. I had always thought it would be fun to go away to college somewhere, give it all up and move to NYC and struggle until I made it big. Basically live in a chick flick. But I didn’t. I stayed local and really liked it.

Now that we live near his family, and not mine, I have been really trying hard to visit my family every 3 months. It’s just about when my heart gets real homesick!

For Christmas this year, we just didn’t see a way we were going to be able to fly home. Between buying 3 round trip tickets, to the time off work B would have to take, to the lack of time off my family would have- it seemed unlikely! Then 3 short weeks before Christmas Brandon’s company graciously offered to fly Brandon and I out for the company holiday party. My family all would have Christmas Day off and Brandon could take the entire week following Christmas off! Before we knew it we had 3 tickets to CA arriving the 16th!

It was a Christmas miracle.

When I walked in the door of my parents home, it was Christmas. Just like I remembered it. No snow, sunshine and all of the good old decorations from my childhood. Our family stockings all hung up with 2 new ones for my boys and one for a special sisters boyfriend.

While I was in California I kept thinking THIS is home. I love it here. I really do. But for the first few days, it was just Ethan and I. And it wasn’t home. Without Brandon it wasn’t even close to home.

I realized this week that California is my home-base but Brandon and Ethan are my heart-home. As cheesy as that sounds.

One day I really hope we live in California again, but for now, we live in
Ohio- all together. And it’s wonderful.


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