So it’s cold here right now.

Like walk outside and start coughing because your lungs are frozen- cold.

With windchill the other day we were at -20.


On top of that my sweet boy somehow caught pink eye and developed a sinus infection. So when friends were planning fun indoor play dates, we were stuck inside by our lonesome.

I’ve had to get a bit creative with the entertaining. Mostly because I had mountains of laundry to do, a lot of organizing and dishes blah blah blah.

Some of the fun ideas we did we’re
– playdoh
– finger painting in a ziploc bag.
( put a few colors of paint inside a ziploc and shut it tight, then your child can trace shapes or try and copy letters in the paint & no mess!)
– we made all meals together
– he helped with some chores, matched his socks, and swiffered my floor.
– one of the days I took him to the mall ( I didn’t let him touch anything) but we just walked. Did some returns and just hung out. We needed to see some other humans)
– Played hockey in the basement
– My favorite thing we did was lay together and make up funny stories, it may have only lasted 5 minutes, but man, my kid is hilarious.

” Once upon a time ( because that’s how all great stories start) a fireman haddago poo, so he went to da potty and pood. Then a a a a guy went poo. Mommy you so beautiful- Daddy play hockey? Ok let’s go build a snowman.”

I hate having a sick baby, I truly do. It’s so hard to watch your child suffer and be sick. But there IS one upside.


We spent a majority of these past few days snuggling up by the fire and watching movies and playing trucks.

Sometimes being forced to stay in isn’t so bad.

One thought on “Quarantined

  1. Kiva says:

    Oh man! I am cracking up at the “sample story” from Ethan. That is hilarious. He is such a creative and funny boy!

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