Pinterest. A love affair.

Yes, like a lot of you- I love Pinterest. It’s my favorite waste of time. Most of the things I pin I either forget about or never do. So, with this fresh- shiny new year I’ve decided to start doing one pin per month! Yep. Going big. But not too big.

Here are some of my current favorite pins.

This paint filled eggs activity looks right up my little mans alley. Plus how fun would it be to hang those canvas’ in a playroom?



I have a serious crush on this dress and need to find it and buy it like yesterday.



This suit screams summer, and I can’t wait for summer!



I love this so much, framed recipes from your mother, grandmother or any special family member! Plus look at those clean countertops. MMMM… I smell a good cleaning session!



I have been really into chopping my hair lately. I get braver and braver with each visit. I am seriously loving this color and cut combo and seeing if maybe I would dare go that short… maybe for summer!



One thought on “Pinterest. A love affair.

  1. Joselle says:

    did you ever find the dress above its amazing??

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