Go nuts! Donuts!


Okay, so when you take your babies to pick out donuts for the first time you take a million photos to commemorate the occasion, for your blog. Right?

Phinneus walked in like he owned the joint and quickly picked a chocolate donut like it was his job.

Tallulah danced and squealed in my arms until she got her chubby little fingers on some sprinkles.


Overall, I’d call it a success.

We were quickly hyped up on sugar so we ran like the wind and played like crazy at the park.

On a less fun note we want to move but our lease isn’t up until the end of April. We walked through a cute little house today but I’m sure someone will snag it in the next few days. It’s sort of a discouraging place that we are in right now. I just wan a spot that feels like home. A spot that I can really invest in making it ours. A place with a yard for my babies to play out in the sunshine all day and a music room for my boys. ||Also wood floors, white walls, and great light. || That wish list is proving to be more difficult than I thought but we have time and my God is pretty big.


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2 thoughts on “Go nuts! Donuts!

  1. Thank you for significantly increasing my already contrast desire for donuts! Adorable photos!



  2. Love! Adorable! And yes…God is Huge…thank him ahead of time..over and over 🙂

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