Tri-State Tote// the story

So just a few short weeks after launching LNP we received an email from a stranger. Patricia was the creative force behind White Rabbit and SHE wanted to collab with US!!! It was huge! We adored her product work as well as her photography and video skills! She was legit and we were just starting. Kendra and I basically acted like teenage girls at a slumber party jumping for joy at the possibility!
We started emailing ideas back and forth and we all just gelled so well that we decided to exchange phone numbers and start a group text! Well let’s just say it’s the most active group text I’ve ever participated in. We talk every single day and have become a solid friendship trio. Not only have we been silly together but we have also gone deep and allowed ourselves to really know and be known by one another. It’s been so rewarding and the product of this bond is the Tri-State Tote.
This tote means so much to us. It represents us all as individuals as we all bring a different skill set to the table and it represent the love and friendship we have formed over this creative journey. We could sell a million bags or none (thankfully they are already selling) and I would do this over and over again. This process is growing me in necessary ways and I am so thankful.


So long story short// the Tri-State Tote is coming to you from three buddies who put their talents and energy together, all while keeping their mailmen busy as they shipped pieces from California, New Mexico, and New York all to make our vision a reality!


Purchase your bag today at

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