Sugar sugar everywhere!




So today was our Valentines Day / playdate- turned party!

There were so many sugary treats these kids took one look at the table and jumped right up!

My dream was truly that they would all wear their little chef hats while they decorated, and to my surprise and glee, they ALL did!

I really, really R E A L L Y love any excuse to plan a party. Even if it’s only for 4- Β 2 year olds, I really love it.

I know someday Ethan may roll his eyes at me and not let me plan one party the way I want to, so I am using this free time to do as many as I like!

Ethan also rocked his Seeding Project shirt for the special day!











20140213-133858.jpgEthan ate his weight in heart shaped chocolates, Emerson ate her cupcake as fast as she possibly could and Riley being the dainty lady she is decorated slowly and carefully.

I absolutely love watching these little friends hang out and bond.

There were our fair share of, “No kicking!” ” Don’t eat that!” and my favorite ” OhOH let me wipe that off!” ‘s for the day but gosh darn if it wasn’t entertaining- and oh so delicious!

I really do apologize for the lack of naps today that may be a direct result of red velvet cupcakes at 10:30 AM. Sorry.Β 

One thought on “Sugar sugar everywhere!

  1. Courtney says:

    So cute sista! You’re such a great momma πŸ™‚

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