Exploring Route 66//


Valentine’s Day has always been a nearly nonexistent holiday for me. There was never a major reason for it to not be a focus, it just wasn’t. This year I was more mindful of it than I have been in years back. I suck at planning but I tried to put a little extra time in and figured out a mini little road trip for my man and I. A friend for IG //who I hope to hang with some day// posted all these fun photos of her birthday adventure and I knew that’s what I wanted to do for our v-day date! We explored Route 66, took a ton of photos, and fully felt like kids again! We had an amazing kid free day reconnecting and laughing. A lot.

Our first stop was Emma Jeans Diner||as seen on Diners Dives and Drive Ins|| I’d love to say it was delicious…. But remember that little fact about me sucking at planning… Well i didn’t check and it was closed on Sundays. Oops.

We continued on down the road and found some food and a few interesting antique shops.


Our journey continued to this rad old gas station with perfect light.




Our last adventure spot on Route 66 was my favorite! We went to Elmer’s Bottle Farm and it was amazing!



We left the ranch and headed closer to home to end the date with dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant that we started going to before we were married and a movie. It was a lovely day.

I’m considering making valentines day a legit holiday in our house for the years to come! What do you think? What are your fun traditions?

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One thought on “Exploring Route 66//

  1. Jenny says:

    Me and my husband defiantely need to do something like this. I love all the pics

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