In two years.


My boy is 2. Almost 3.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot about being a mom in the last 2 years- and yet I have SO much more to learn.

Here are my top 10 things I’ve learned.

10. Kids are resilient. From the start, even in their tiniest squishiest of days- they can take a lot. Ethan will fall sometimes and I think” Ah! He’s going to cry so hard!” And he will giggle and keep running. It’s crazy.

9. They are watching everything you do. Everything. Ethan will copy something I’ve done months ago and I’m always shocked.

8. You can never over-cuddle a child. To this day Ethan has been a snuggly mamas boy and I love it. I will always come running when he asks me to snuggle.

7. You won’t use half the stuff you thought you would need. I honestly crack up now when I think of all the stuff I would cram in a diaper bag
” just in case” When in reality, a diaper, a pacifier, and some wipes were all I needed on me!

6. Regarding #7– if you DO choose to only have these few things PLEASE have what I like to call ” The BlowOutBox” in your trunk. It should contain no less than 2 outfits to change into, diaper creme, a plastic bag you can tie off ( for diapers) an extra pacifier ( clutch if your kid depends on these) and an extra bottle with water in it.

5. Sleep when your kid sleeps. Not just when your baby sleeps. But if you’re having a tough day- take a 20 minute snooze. I promise you will be refreshed!

4. Lollipops can fix just about anything. Bad behavior, sadness, crankiness. You name it. I can fix almost anything with the promise of a dum dum. It’s how I got this photo– and most of my photos.

3. Tell your child you love them. It’s so important. Ethan loves to hear me say it- and he will usually say ” you love me so much? That’s so special huh mama?” It’s like he’s just learning what love is and when I define it for him he just lights up.

2. Talk to them- a lot- all the time. I think it really helps with their language skills so much and builds up their social skills to be able to communicate with other people.
And the biggest thing I’ve learned is…

1. Everyone parents differently and that’s ok! You do what you need to do for YOUR child. Be confident, be willing to take advice and stay humble. Everyday is new, it will bring something new and it will teach you something new.

One thought on “In two years.

  1. Richelle says:

    This was sweet….and well written:) dum dums ARE the biz….I use them as leverage often:)

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