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Friendships are funny sometimes. Right now my closest mama friends are far from me and that’s not actually funny- it sucks. However, as I get older I’m learning about intimacy among friends and it doesn’t develop just because you live near the person or hang out with your kids at the park together. Intimate friendships require work from all parties involved. There must be a trust there that allows the other person to “unveil” if you will. I believe we live in a world so obsessed with image that it takes work to let our guard down and let someone see us for who we really are… those yucky areas of our hearts, our fears, our passions and our dreams.

I’m learning that as people we don’t just cover the ugly. We cover the beauty that makes us who we are. We allow fear to win and silence our deep passions and desires for 100 different reasons. The most traumatic heartbreaks in my life have never come from a boy, but from my very closest friends. Friendships can be brutal but they can also be so insanely beautiful. I’m learning to love and be open despite the fear and the heartache.

Blogging was a silent desire of mine and it took a lot to get me here! It took close friends pulling it out of me to make it happen. Now I’m on this adventure with two awesome friends who live way too far from me but we are learning to use our time wisely and to be open and go deep with one another because that’s were the jewels are hidden.



Phinn and E have been buddies since they were babiessss! They brought these mamas together and we have been friends ever since! We went from living in Lake Forest together, to living in Costa Mesa together, to now being separated by many state lines as we still reside in California and they are now making a life in Ohio! Texting has become our best friend but those sweet moments when we get to see each other face to face and our boys get to scream their little hearts out together are so treasured!

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