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I got married in a whirlwind. It was the craziest fastest thing ever. I mean we had known each other since we were fourteen, and had dated for over 5 years. BUT we had been broken up and not speaking for 8 months when he proposed! We were married four months later. It was very overwhelming for me and I was sort of detached from the process. I don’t think I could fully process it all at the time. I was graduating from college and life was moving at light speed. Most girls diet excessively leading up to the big day, but not me. I had just lost a bunch of weight right before we got engaged. This Bible college student didn’t gain the freshmen fifteen thanks to all the beer but packed on about 25 pounds thanks to Donut Man and Taco Bell at midnight. //we don’t party… we eat. Is that better?!//

I digress.

So we got married. Life was good. I started eating again. I gained about ten pounds the first year of marriage and didn’t think much of it. We started to try for a baby and within a few months that happened! Finding out I was pregnant was the joy of my life! During my pregnancy I worked really long hours the whole entire time and took care of my body the very best I could. I didn’t restrict my diet but I wasn’t eating like a crazy person but my body just got biiiiiiiig! I gained fifty pounds when it was all said and done. I looked and felt huge. However, I was really healthy. My labor was great and I had a completely natural- intervention free birth, to my perfect 7lb 14oz Phinneus Bear! About a week after his birth I was down 35 pounds! It was crazy! I didn’t look like my old self but it was a big enough change that I didn’t feel like I needed to go super hard and fast to get the weight off immediately. Plus i was breast feeding and wouldn’t dare compromise my supply. Fast forward 6 months I still had 10 pounds on me and I found out I was pregnant again! It was the shock of a lifetime! The second pregnancy I didn’t gain as much but I was still really big and the weight came off a lot slower after my delivery. I felt so torn. My body had just done something so miraculous. My body had blessed me and continued to bless me daily as it supplied for my baby. I started to lose sight of the girl I used to be and the body i once had. I started to settle. I started accept that I’d never be in a bikini again or slip into my favorite jeans …. And that was okay because I had my perfect babies. And you know what?! It would be okay if i never wore those jeans again and my babies are 100% worth all the stretch marks! But I am also worth it. I matter. The way that I feel and look matters to me because it affects my mood and my behavior. I decided to take control of my life again and make my body a priority. I started on the whole30 in June and transitioned into a Paleo lifestyle from there. It wasn’t easy. The whole30 kicked my booty the first week but then something switched. My energy increased, my skin started clearing, my sleep was more restful, and my body was shedding the unwanted weight quickly. I was so presently surprised. The way I felt and the moving number on the scale every morning kept me on track. I went to cabo in December and I was confident in my bikini again!! I couldn’t believe it! I ditched all the excess weight and was back to my wedding weight in about 4 months. Making that change was the best thing I could do for myself and for my family. Being healthy allows me to be the best version of myself for the people I love most!

So if you’re like me and you’ve put on the love weight, or the baby weight, or the stress weight take a deep breath and know that we’ve all been there! Now psych yourself up and conquer this obstacle that’s in front of you! It will not be easy bit it will be worth it!

//Don’t settle for less.
You were created for greatness//

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2 thoughts on “love weight • baby weight//

  1. I am do happy to have came across this post. My second baby is 4 months old and I have had such similar thoughts. After my first I lost quickly and felt confident with my body. Now I’ve felt like it is what it is but this post really made me want to try more. Thanks for sharing!

    • Girl you can do it!! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Your baby is still so tiny! Focus on being the best version of yourself! You deserve it. Your husband deserves it. Your kids deserve it. This world deserves it! Keep rocking!

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