California To Do’s


Each time I visit California there are about 5 must do’s for me. They are all places to eat. Just be warned.

I thought I would share them on here for anyone that’s looking for a fun, fresh meal idea or for anyone visiting CA!

1. Eat at Bagels and Brew in Lake Forest. Now because I am doing no gluten and no dairy- I couldn’t do my usual. BUT if I were getting my usual it would be a Mission Viejo on a pretzel bagel with easy pesto cream cheese add bacon por favor.
2. Banzai Bowl in Costa Mesa. Ethan and I can split the large and it’s more than enough. Our favorite is the Da Kine with fresh strawberries.
3. Kèan Coffee in Newport Beach. The Almond Joy latte is a personal fave but their drip coffee is also amazing.
4. In N Out. Because when you grow up having this as your burger joint you can’t stray.
5. Baja Fish Tacos. Any location. When we lived in Costa Mesa our little family ate at this place ( embarrassingly) probably 3-4 times per week. When 3 people can eat a full meal for $14– and it’s healthy– and delicious– and freshly made. You can’t go wrong. 1 Taco combo with pinto beans. Thank me later.

Any other “must haves” in California?

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