• Oil pulling •

Oil pulling is the trending fad of the moment…. Only it’s it not a new thing at all! Oil pulling is an ancient practice that’s just getting on the map. I was skeptical about all the hype but I couldn’t get away from it! Everywhere I turned I was reading something about it or hearing someone rave about it! I decided that I’d look into it a bit on my own.

While I was reading about it I was sorta laughing to myself because it was being talked about like breast milk! Hahah okay that sounds weird. I’ll elaborate! I’m one of those natural birthing, breast is best, mamas that wants only the good stuff for my babies! I am not a major fan of turning to western medicine for every ache and pain. In the hippie mama circle you hear people talk about breast milk as if it’s liquid gold magic! It can cure an ear ache, diaper rash, baby acne, pink eye , a stye, as well as be be the perfect food for your child! People who have started oil pulling seem to report a countless amount of benefits that covered a wide range of effects that weren’t all for vanity…. Though come on… I’m in it for vanity as well!

Okay okay! So what is oil pulling exactly?! It is the process of swishing or “pulling” oil threw your teeth and around your mouth collecting all the toxin stored up in your body! Amazing right?! I mean who wants toxins in their body?! Not me!

How do you oil pull? It’s really basic. In the morning you take anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon amount of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for TWENTY minutes. Okay! Okay! I promise it’s not as bad or as long as that sounds!! The fact that I had to do it for that long was my biggest deterrent but I promise it’s not awful or terrible or torture! You can do it!

Pro tip// when you’re all done be sure to spit the oil into the trash. You cannot swallow it (yuck) and you can not spit it down the sink or you will clog your pipes.


There are many claims associated with oil pulling but for me I’ll tell you my personal results as of now. ||almost 3 weeks of daily pulling||
-whiter teeth
-fresh breath
-less tooth sensitivity
-reduced headaches
– improved skin
– my day starts positively and energized.

The hardest part is the first 1-2 minutes. Coconut oil is not liquid at first so you have to kinda chew it to get it to liquefy. At first that made me gag but as soon as it switches to a liquid… You’re solid.

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6 thoughts on “• Oil pulling •

  1. Zhenni says:

    I read your comments about your experience with oil pulling. I have been keeping it up for a couple of weeks again after a long break. I still don’t know if I feel any differences yet but I am going for an extra pull with a dab of essential oil added to the coconut to see how that works. This is what I found out. http://www.canopyavenue.com/2013/02/14/top-5-essential-oils-to-add-to-oil-pulling/

  2. p says:

    where have i been?? i need to try this!! I have to text you to get more details!


  3. I’ve been oil pulling for months now and it is heaven. So many people are weirded out by it but my teeth are whiter, face is clearer, and for the first time in my life I can eat cold things with out wanting to cry. It’s magic.

  4. Oral Health says:

    I’ve tried oil pulling for about a month. The reason why I started is because I have serious dental and gums issues. Yet the results are better than I have thought: better skin and my sinuses are somehow improved as well. I’m very happy that I give oil pulling a try at the first place 😀

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