Mom Friends.

Lets talk friends. To be more specific, Mom friends.

I was laughing the other day when I got a call from one of my close friends here, and her name came up,

“Jen- Rileys Mom-Rec Center”

It was her name, her childs name, and where I met her.

I was so terrified in the first few months of meeting someone, a potential friend, and then forgetting their name and not able to call or text them to make friends. So I was very specific in their contact information.

One of my friends I had,” Emersons Mom- the really smart one that likes legos”


But truly, I felt almost paralyzed trying to make new friends in the first few months of living here. I joined a few play groups, and Bible Studies, but it’s almost like dating!

Hear me out.

I see a girl, she looks like my “type” ( Right?) She is wearing TOMS, so am I.

Her kid isn’t wearing something that says ” My aunt is cooler than your aunt” Check.

She seems like fun.

Her coat is cute, I wonder where she got that?

Should I talk to her? How do I start? Maybe if I give Ethan an m&m I can bribe him to go ask her something and that can be a segway?

Im so awkward.

The situation is awkward. After you do start talking and it’s fun and your kids get along whats the pickup line? If she doesn’t ask for my info, does she not want it? Is she thinking the same thing?

” We should totally do this again sometime”


“Our kids really seem to play well together, chick fil a tomorrow?”

Über lame.

So do you live around here? Want to be neighbors, and besties, and drink wine on my driveway while our kids play?

Run for the hills people.

So I ask you, how do you make Mom friends? Is it more natural for you? Do you hang out with the same people you always did?

I am so glad that a group of ladies here took a chance on me… and asked for my phone number first. In a way cooler, and classier way.

I think it was, “Will you be at playtime Friday? Great, maybe we will see you then, heres my info in case you ever want to get together, I know it’s so hard to make friends in the winter!”


3 thoughts on “Mom Friends.

  1. Haha, ohh man, SO true!! Hilarious… πŸ™‚ And I’m impressed you’ve had to do this after moving so many states away. I’m realizing I would NOT do well making new friends in a new place! Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels awkward! Mom problems…

  2. Jill says:

    So glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s battled this! Moved cross country with a two year old at 4 months prego. We’ve met lots if people and you just embrace differences and people just seem to fall into your lives that you completely click with. Took me a year and a half up find an amazing mom but it happens!

  3. Ryanne says:

    If someone asked me if I wanted to “drink wine in their driveway while our kids played” I would probably just follow them back to their house right then and there.

    The phone number exchange thing is SO awkward.

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