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• Oil pulling •

Oil pulling is the trending fad of the moment…. Only it’s it not a new thing at all! Oil pulling is an ancient practice that’s just getting on the map. I was skeptical about all the hype but I couldn’t get away from it! Everywhere I turned I was reading something about it or hearing someone rave about it! I decided that I’d look into it a bit on my own.

While I was reading about it I was sorta laughing to myself because it was being talked about like breast milk! Hahah okay that sounds weird. I’ll elaborate! I’m one of those natural birthing, breast is best, mamas that wants only the good stuff for my babies! I am not a major fan of turning to western medicine for every ache and pain. In the hippie mama circle you hear people talk about breast milk as if it’s liquid gold magic! It can cure an ear ache, diaper rash, baby acne, pink eye , a stye, as well as be be the perfect food for your child! People who have started oil pulling seem to report a countless amount of benefits that covered a wide range of effects that weren’t all for vanity…. Though come on… I’m in it for vanity as well!

Okay okay! So what is oil pulling exactly?! It is the process of swishing or “pulling” oil threw your teeth and around your mouth collecting all the toxin stored up in your body! Amazing right?! I mean who wants toxins in their body?! Not me!

How do you oil pull? It’s really basic. In the morning you take anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon amount of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for TWENTY minutes. Okay! Okay! I promise it’s not as bad or as long as that sounds!! The fact that I had to do it for that long was my biggest deterrent but I promise it’s not awful or terrible or torture! You can do it!

Pro tip// when you’re all done be sure to spit the oil into the trash. You cannot swallow it (yuck) and you can not spit it down the sink or you will clog your pipes.


There are many claims associated with oil pulling but for me I’ll tell you my personal results as of now. ||almost 3 weeks of daily pulling||
-whiter teeth
-fresh breath
-less tooth sensitivity
-reduced headaches
– improved skin
– my day starts positively and energized.

The hardest part is the first 1-2 minutes. Coconut oil is not liquid at first so you have to kinda chew it to get it to liquefy. At first that made me gag but as soon as it switches to a liquid… You’re solid.

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Let’s talk Instagram!


Instagram has been such a beautiful and inspiring experience for me. It’s not only a creative outlet but it’s also a close knit community that I’ve so graciously been accepted into. I know there can be clicks//insecurities//comparison issues that take place but I choose to focus on the positive

I am thankful for the opportunity to document my daily life in little squares.

I am thankful for the true friendships that I have made.

I am thankful for the opportunity it has given my small business in regards to sales && collaborations.

On top of all that my little family has been blessed with opportunities to promote brands like freshly picked, camp wolf, the seeding project, white rabbit, mark it with a q, geo fox apparel, rad republic threads, and little boogaweezin! It has been such an incredible adventure! Hopefully we are representing you all well! We feel humbled and honored.

Cheers to even more friendships and opportunities!





Bow and bow tie c/o Mark it with a q!
Gold moccs by freshly picked

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//stripes// & f l o r a l s

Who says you can’t mix them up? Especially when you’re an adorable ginger & can get away with anything! Here’s what they wore!







Jean jacket- vintage Levi’s
Floral jumpsuit- Target
Striped twist headband- made by mama
Red high top Converse

Athletic sweater- Carter’s
Striped pants- Cotton On Kids
Socks- Baby Gap
Boots- Walmart

Have a blessed week!


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love weight • baby weight//


I got married in a whirlwind. It was the craziest fastest thing ever. I mean we had known each other since we were fourteen, and had dated for over 5 years. BUT we had been broken up and not speaking for 8 months when he proposed! We were married four months later. It was very overwhelming for me and I was sort of detached from the process. I don’t think I could fully process it all at the time. I was graduating from college and life was moving at light speed. Most girls diet excessively leading up to the big day, but not me. I had just lost a bunch of weight right before we got engaged. This Bible college student didn’t gain the freshmen fifteen thanks to all the beer but packed on about 25 pounds thanks to Donut Man and Taco Bell at midnight. //we don’t party… we eat. Is that better?!//

I digress.

So we got married. Life was good. I started eating again. I gained about ten pounds the first year of marriage and didn’t think much of it. We started to try for a baby and within a few months that happened! Finding out I was pregnant was the joy of my life! During my pregnancy I worked really long hours the whole entire time and took care of my body the very best I could. I didn’t restrict my diet but I wasn’t eating like a crazy person but my body just got biiiiiiiig! I gained fifty pounds when it was all said and done. I looked and felt huge. However, I was really healthy. My labor was great and I had a completely natural- intervention free birth, to my perfect 7lb 14oz Phinneus Bear! About a week after his birth I was down 35 pounds! It was crazy! I didn’t look like my old self but it was a big enough change that I didn’t feel like I needed to go super hard and fast to get the weight off immediately. Plus i was breast feeding and wouldn’t dare compromise my supply. Fast forward 6 months I still had 10 pounds on me and I found out I was pregnant again! It was the shock of a lifetime! The second pregnancy I didn’t gain as much but I was still really big and the weight came off a lot slower after my delivery. I felt so torn. My body had just done something so miraculous. My body had blessed me and continued to bless me daily as it supplied for my baby. I started to lose sight of the girl I used to be and the body i once had. I started to settle. I started accept that I’d never be in a bikini again or slip into my favorite jeans …. And that was okay because I had my perfect babies. And you know what?! It would be okay if i never wore those jeans again and my babies are 100% worth all the stretch marks! But I am also worth it. I matter. The way that I feel and look matters to me because it affects my mood and my behavior. I decided to take control of my life again and make my body a priority. I started on the whole30 in June and transitioned into a Paleo lifestyle from there. It wasn’t easy. The whole30 kicked my booty the first week but then something switched. My energy increased, my skin started clearing, my sleep was more restful, and my body was shedding the unwanted weight quickly. I was so presently surprised. The way I felt and the moving number on the scale every morning kept me on track. I went to cabo in December and I was confident in my bikini again!! I couldn’t believe it! I ditched all the excess weight and was back to my wedding weight in about 4 months. Making that change was the best thing I could do for myself and for my family. Being healthy allows me to be the best version of myself for the people I love most!

So if you’re like me and you’ve put on the love weight, or the baby weight, or the stress weight take a deep breath and know that we’ve all been there! Now psych yourself up and conquer this obstacle that’s in front of you! It will not be easy bit it will be worth it!

//Don’t settle for less.
You were created for greatness//

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•friendship ramblings•


Friendships are funny sometimes. Right now my closest mama friends are far from me and that’s not actually funny- it sucks. However, as I get older I’m learning about intimacy among friends and it doesn’t develop just because you live near the person or hang out with your kids at the park together. Intimate friendships require work from all parties involved. There must be a trust there that allows the other person to “unveil” if you will. I believe we live in a world so obsessed with image that it takes work to let our guard down and let someone see us for who we really are… those yucky areas of our hearts, our fears, our passions and our dreams.

I’m learning that as people we don’t just cover the ugly. We cover the beauty that makes us who we are. We allow fear to win and silence our deep passions and desires for 100 different reasons. The most traumatic heartbreaks in my life have never come from a boy, but from my very closest friends. Friendships can be brutal but they can also be so insanely beautiful. I’m learning to love and be open despite the fear and the heartache.

Blogging was a silent desire of mine and it took a lot to get me here! It took close friends pulling it out of me to make it happen. Now I’m on this adventure with two awesome friends who live way too far from me but we are learning to use our time wisely and to be open and go deep with one another because that’s were the jewels are hidden.



Phinn and E have been buddies since they were babiessss! They brought these mamas together and we have been friends ever since! We went from living in Lake Forest together, to living in Costa Mesa together, to now being separated by many state lines as we still reside in California and they are now making a life in Ohio! Texting has become our best friend but those sweet moments when we get to see each other face to face and our boys get to scream their little hearts out together are so treasured!

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Documenting the year 2 of 12

Our family commitment to taking more video continues//

I love this little family of mine and I know I’ll cherish these videos forever!


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Words && a whole lotta photos//


On Valentine’s Day a friend of mine posted on Facebook something that has really got me thinking. She lost the one she loves tragically and now she is left on earth while he is in heaven. She was reflecting on the comments people make on V-day about singles being miserable every February 14th and about how it can be quite hurtful and insensitive. It really convicted me. Not because I’m blabbing judgments on single people on valentines day but because I am guilty of complaining or casting judgment about all sorts of random things without considering the journey others are on. I never want to be a person who speaks flippantly but in order to not be a person like that I need to make a conscious decision and renew my mind regularly. I need to remain in Him for He is love. Today and everyday I choose love. I choose grace. I choose joy. I choose honesty && self control. What do you choose?

Now for your viewing pleasure while you think//







What they wore
bow tie – c/o camp wolf
red jeans- Levi’s
button up- target
jean jacket- Levi’s
moccs- freshly picked

bow- c/o camp wolf
overalls- vintage // from her dada
tights- target
moccs- freshly picked

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Party • a n i m a l s

These two crazies [Beckette James & Major Vonn] went to bed promptly at 8pm without a fuss. I shoulda known…

10:20pm rolls along & I come into our room with Beckette sitting up demanding to watch “Beckette shows” & Major is kicking his blankies off in his cradle. I know what you’re thinking. Why is a seven month old in a cradle? Well I don’t really have a good reason other than he just is.

Well to make a short story long, you’d think they’d be sleepy & cranky all day, but no. They’re as bright eyed & bushy tailed as ever…



Here’s what we wore…

On Beckette:
Denim shirt- Target
Teal jeans- Target
Leopard boots- H&M

On Major-
Tee- Walmart
Pants- Cotton On

On mama-
Denim shirt- Old Navy
Respect Your Mother tee- White Rabbit
Polka dot jeans- Forever 21
Ankle boots- Sam & Libby




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Potty Vibes.



So Katie shared a few weeks ago about her adventures in potty training and it really spoke to me. I feel honored to blog along side such an inspiring mama but more than that I’m blessed beyond measure to call her my friend.
Katie and I were destined to be friends for a long long time but only officially met when our boys were babies. I instantly clicked with her and knew that I wanted more of her in my life! Over the last two and half years our boys have grown, I’ve had another baby, and she has made a major move across the country to Ohio and we have become closer! We are both major texters so we text all the time and are able to openly share the deep deep places of our heart with each other. She’s one of those people that teaches me, encourages me, laughs with me, supports me, and always gives me that reassuring pat on the back that I’m doing a good job when I feel as though I’m sinking. She had been a godsend in my life and I can say pretty confidently (right?!) that she feels the same way about me. Friendship is tricky and for me it feels as though it’s been trickier that it is for most. My heart has been crushed by a best friend wayyyy more so than by any boys. Girls can be brutal but they can also be exactly what you need. Katie is one of the good ones.

Shoutout homie// I love ya//

Wow that was a tangent!

So anyways all that to be said when I read her words I realized that:
1) all us mamas are just as lost as the next on the potty training game
2) all kids eventually figure it out
3) I needed to get my booty in gear and stop being fearful about it.
So we bought a little potty, we talked about using it, we took it out of the box, we put it back in the box, I asked him about using it, he replied, “tomorrow” and on and on the story goes. I was sorta bummed out and discouraged and I just kept hearing, “when they are ready they are ready” I backed off and then something magical happened! Phinn woke up this morning with a totally dry diaper and asked to use his potty right away! I was in shock-but.he.did.it!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! He took care of business like a pro. He danced around shouting how awesome he was and we took a ton of photos to commemorate such a momentous moment! So for the rest of the day he wore underwear and peed in the potty like a champ without a single accident- except for during his nap when I put him in a diaper. I felt so proud of him for his accomplishment and he felt so proud of himself! That was the best part! It was all him! He was ready and he felt confident!
I in no way think we’ve mastered this but we sure are off to a good start! Who knows what tomorrow holds but I’m excited to find out!



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Tri-State Tote// the story

So just a few short weeks after launching LNP we received an email from a stranger. Patricia was the creative force behind White Rabbit and SHE wanted to collab with US!!! It was huge! We adored her product work as well as her photography and video skills! She was legit and we were just starting. Kendra and I basically acted like teenage girls at a slumber party jumping for joy at the possibility!
We started emailing ideas back and forth and we all just gelled so well that we decided to exchange phone numbers and start a group text! Well let’s just say it’s the most active group text I’ve ever participated in. We talk every single day and have become a solid friendship trio. Not only have we been silly together but we have also gone deep and allowed ourselves to really know and be known by one another. It’s been so rewarding and the product of this bond is the Tri-State Tote.
This tote means so much to us. It represents us all as individuals as we all bring a different skill set to the table and it represent the love and friendship we have formed over this creative journey. We could sell a million bags or none (thankfully they are already selling) and I would do this over and over again. This process is growing me in necessary ways and I am so thankful.


So long story short// the Tri-State Tote is coming to you from three buddies who put their talents and energy together, all while keeping their mailmen busy as they shipped pieces from California, New Mexico, and New York all to make our vision a reality!


Purchase your bag today at http://www.shoplionnamedparker.com

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