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Girls Getaway Turned Mama Moment

Over the weekend I went about an hour north and enjoyed the sunshine of the City of Angels. ||LA||



20140113-110242.jpg It was my sister’s birthday so it was the perfect excuse to leave the babies with their dada and eat unbelievably delicious food, engage in tons of girl talk, && shop! We discover some amazing little thrift stores and just wandered around to our next adventure.



20140113-110744.jpg It was so much fun BUT man this mama missed her babies! Am I the only one who’s like, “GIRL TIME! GIRL TIME! WOO!” Fast forward a few hours and I’m stalking my husbands insta for photos and texting him for updates?! My guess is that it comes with the territory…. But maybe I’m just a little obsessed with them, and if that’s the case I’m totally fine with it. I mean who could blame me? They are as sweet and full of personality as can be and cute to boot! I mean. Yeah! I’m fully obsessed. Being a mom does something so gnarly to your heart. It has created a level of ownership in me that I’ve never had before. I 100% believe that my babies belong to God before they belong to me. He created them and loves them even more than i do. BUT He chose me! I repeat ||HE CHOSE ME TO BE THEIR MAMA|| that is huge && I certainly do not take it lightly. I have been commission to train them and teach them in the ways of The Lord. It is my job to pour into them with love, affection, knowledge, creativity, adventure, and deep passion. I am privileged to stay home with them daily. Of course I make claims about wanting to get away and needing a break from time to time but the relationship I have with them has changed me at a core level and I never want to put distance there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having time to yourself. There is nothing wrong with going away for the weekend. There is nothing wrong with date nights or sighing in relief after you’ve tucked them in bed for the night after a long day. Mamas need their fill up time as well but what I’m learning is that I cannot separate myself from Phinneus and Tallulah because when I’m with them I am full.





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||n o t|| Just friends.


Growing up I can remember hearing from my mom all sorts of references about how we were not friends. As a mouthy teenager she would correct me regularly with, “don’t talk to me like I’m one of your friends.” At the time I was frustrated and annoyed, thinking to myself, “uh you think I’d talk to my friends like this?! I actually like them!” |yikes!!| But as I matured, I got it. I wasn’t treating her with the respect she deserved. I was too comfortable and down right rude far too often. Thankfully I have outgrown the major attitude… Right mom?!

When I was about eighteen my mom started to tell me that she wanted to be my friend. That she was hopeful that we would be able to make the shift and grow in our relationship. I have the upmost respect for my mom because of all the hard work she put in to really shape me into the person God desired for me to be. I wasn’t easy and she never gave up! That’s huge!! Now that I’m twenty seven |holy smokes how am I 27?!| and a mama myself I can say we are friends.

Her example has taught me so much about how I want to be as a mama-about the importance of boundaries. However, I am not looking forward to having to establish that boundary with my own babies as they grow up. Right now I can honestly say they are my number one buddies. I love hanging out with them and seeing life through their eyes. I fear the day where I have to draw the hard lines and communicate that for a season we can’t just be buddies. Or worse they don’t want to be my friend! || oh the horror ||

But for now they are my go to crew and I wouldn’t have it any other way.





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