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the sibling bond.


I only have two kids and that’s really how I feel- only. To me I don’t feel maxed out, passed my birthing years, or like our family is complete. I feel secure in the little reproductive break we are taking but I know this strike will end sooner than later.

However, when I go to the park or the the grocery store strangers are always putting their opinion on me, implying that I got my boy and my girl so I can just hang it up- mission accomplished. It’s weird. When I vocalize that we aren’t done having babies yet they are stunned! They look at me like I’m delusional! Really! And again I think just how weird THEY are!

See, I was never the mama who consider having only one child- and thank goodness since I was pregnant again by the time my first was six months old!!! Oops! But really, I always knew I wanted more and I always knew I wanted to give them siblings. So I mean I guess we could stop. I have a boy and a girl and they have each other. I could look at it like okay I did it cross that obstacle off the list but my heart doesn’t feel that way and one of the biggest determining factors for me is the sibling bond. You just can’t grasp just how sweet it is until you create it and watch it bloom before your eyes. It is easily one of my very favorite things about being a mama, just watching them love on each other so well. Siblings create a crazy dynamic and at times it is a bit overwhelming because I swear they learn how to team up and take you out so quickly! But even on the toughest days, nothing compares to the love.

Having multiple children is a lot of work. It is a stress on your body, your patience, and your wallet. HOWEVER, the reward is ten fold! Giving your child a sibling is one of the very best gifts you will ever ever give them! I mean imagine them stuck with crazy you || ALONE || forever?!?! I mean that’s just not right! Give them some back up! Give them a forever buddy! Give them a partner, a confidant, and truth speaker that will be by their side for life! Help them grow by teaching them to love more, share more, and communicate more from a young age. Their life will be blessed by it and so will yours!!! And while you’re at it don’t just give them one give em a few!

I always say// you’ll never regret the kids you have but you might regret the ones you don’t have!



Where to snag the looks we love//
High chairs// ikea
Bows // every dot and tiddle
Tank // little boogaweezin
Tee// the seeding project
Pizza Tee// JAMZ
Moccs// freshly picked

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Real Talk – The Seeding Project


Today’s blog is two fold so stick with me. Firstly, I want to introduce you to this company called , The Seeding Project. The Seeding Project exists to create rad comfy tees for your littles that gives back. Whenever you purchase a shirt 25% of your money goes to helping orphans in Haiti!

Phinneus && Tallulah were lucky enough to receive their tees in the mail this week and I couldn’t love them more! They are printed locally on American Apparel shirts so you know they feel amazing but they look just as great!

Now let’s get real honest this is my first sponsored post and I don’t know if it was the pressure of trying to capture the love I have for this product or if it was because Phinn hasn’t been feeling great for a few days now but this was a really hard shoot. In fact, most every photo I set out to get is nearly impossible to capture! // where do I trade in these real kids for some darling robots?!// k i d d i n g . But really! I cruise Instagram on the regular and see these beautiful children sitting so properly with perfect smiles on their faces and not a single remnant of food on their clothes and let me be real clear for a moment – that simply is not my life, not by a long shot, not. at. all. But you know what?! I wouldn’t have it any other way! These are my wild things and I love them madly! Plus hello they rock these tees like nobodies business because look at em! They are crazy cute!





Tallulah is wearing the Mountain Tee c/o the seeding project
Phinneus is wearing the Joy Ride Tee c/o the seeding project
Hurry on over to their website and get ordering… They are having a sale! Oh! And don’t forget to follow @theseedingproject on Instagram and participate in their fun giveaway that’s going on right now!

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| let go | let love | let God |



I think there is one thing that moms of all backgrounds, beliefs & statuses can agree on. Letting go is really flipping hard. Whether it be a certain routine you’re trying to jump on, a fight with your man about the same darn thing you fought about before or not fitting into those skinny jeans you bought two sizes too small. Hard is an understatement.

Having only been a mom for two short years now, I’ve realized this… It’s just that. Short.

I can’t believe my colic-ing newborn who had to be held all day long is now an independent little two year old who wants to do everything herself. Beck do it. She’s growing into such a loving & sympathetic little girl who is the bestest big sister.

Beckette was a great sleeper from the start. Her brother, not so much. We are a somewhat co-sleeping type of family. I say somewhat because we didn’t start out that way but it looks like we may just finish that way. Major sleeps in his bassinet most of the night but always ends up snuggled next to me by morning. And all of this is okay.

I’m not saying that we won’t eventually put them in their own room, but it’s ok for right now. With my husband’s schedule being ever changing & mostly gone all night, I have to admit I like having them in bed with me. Maybe I’m guilty of creating bad habits but I know this time with my babies is just a spec & will be gone if I blink too much. So how am I making up for my lack of sleep? With a perfectly snuggly nap with both of them around 10am.

So if you are satisfied with your ability to let go, congrats! But if you aren’t, just remember that this life is short. This life with your husband is short & this life with your babies is even shorter. & always remember to let God do what He was meant to do, I mean He was the one who m a d e you.



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love, bambinos & design



Hey readers! So I’m Kendra, the other half of this radical blog. I’m a 26 year old wife of a federal agent & mama to two redheaded firecrackers, Beckette James & Major Vonn. I’m still getting the hang of this mommy thing, but it’s been a great adventure so far & I’d love to share our stylish shenanigans with you. Here’s my short & sweet version of a bio.

I was born & raised in Southern California & absolutely loved it. Where else in the world can you go snowboarding in the morning, then grab your longboard & go surfing (sans wetsuit even!) in the afternoon? We now live in southern New Mexico for my husband’s job, but Southern California will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where I spent my childhood, met a best friend & ultimately married him. Let’s just say we are working on getting back there one day!

I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA in 2009 with a degree in Visual Communications. FIDM is where I discovered my love for g r a p h i c d e s i g n & I’ve been utilizing it ever since.

I’m a slight (okay not that slight) addict of Diet Coke, The Real Housewives, DIY & succulents, but being a mama has been my greatest joy in life. I am so blessed that The Lord chose me to be their mommy & my love for design has only expanded after my little bugs arrived. We would love to share our finds, styles & get-ups with all of you, but beware! Bits & pieces of this crazy thing called motherhood may be included as well! Please enjoy!


Kendra B.

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|hold up//back up//play it cool|

Oh my goodness! This is real! My first blog entry! Eeek! I have wanted to do this for a long time & I’m finally brave enough to do it!

|hold up//back up//play it cool|

Hey guys! It’s me, Sarah! Let’s be friends! I am the wife of a bearded babe and the mama of two littles- Phinneus Bear & Tallulah Perri. We all live in sunny Southern California where we are committed to pursuing joy & Jesus daily!  My life is far from perfect but it sure is beautiful. I believe that perspective is everything & I am currently in a season of choosing to be present and purposeful. My goal here is to document the beauty and laugh like crazy through out this wild ride.

I’ve been in search of a creative outlet and a way to make myself known- to be vulnerable. I tend to be the don’t ask don’t tell type but I’m looking for a change. I want to be open and honest so here we go- the  g o o d, the b a d, & the u g l y  all coming from yours truly!


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