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Homemade Organic Baby & Toddler Food

If any of you are like me, then you hate spending money, but still want the best for your little babe.

That’s a tough combination to have especially when your kid is eating more & more & the price of good wholesome food goes up & up.

I’ve always preferred to make my babies’ food at home since I know exactly what’s going into their precious little tummies. We have to be even more careful now that we know Beckette has Celiac Disease & it’s most likely that Major will have it as well. It’s just one more reason to make our own baby food.

I have a baby bullet food processor which I’ve adored, but storing & packing up the food can be a hassle. We’re not the type of family that stays home all day. I’m carting those two red heads all over town. To the printer, to the post office, to my leather supplier. So more often then not, we’re eating on the go. This led me to buying those packaged food pouches & that just killed me. Yes they were organic, but they’re so expensive!

I needed my own pouches! Disposable pouches cost about 50 cents a piece so that doesn’t save much. I needed reusable ones! Well no need to look further… Let me introduce you to Squooshi!

Reusable food pouches that have a ziplock on the bottom. Dishwasher & freezer safe too! Hallelujah! And better yet, you get 6 pouches for only $19! I’m mean seriously?!







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