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everyone’s favorite moccasins

Freshly picked moccs.
So what’s all the hype anyways?!
Well well well… Let me tell you.
To put it simply,
they are the best.

Susan is one incredible woman and it all flows down from her. She is innovative, practical, resourceful, hands on, and hilarious! She genuinely cares about about her customers and it is evident by the product she creates.
//she is captivating//

The moccasins themselves- they are 100% genuine leather, buttery soft, and come in a multitude of colors! They complete any outfit and the soft sole makes them excellent for little walkers.

In my opinion the suede are more durable and wear better for the long haul. They are also better for little crawlers who are dragging the tops of their feet all over the place.

Another thing that I love about them is how easy they are to slide on and how well they stay on! My kids won’t keep socks on for anything. They pull them off constantly or they slip off and then they are gone for good. I was slightly apprehensive about the moccs because I was nervous they’d kick them/pull them off. So far so good. I’ve never lost one and no one has ever even ripped on off them self! // knock on wood //

Finally, I have to just mention that their customer service is out of this world! Super helpful and accommodating!
Freshly Picked

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Mexican Throw Blankets

We are trying out something new over at LNP! We are going to be selling authentic Mexican blankets. Both Kendra and myself are totally obsessed with these blankets and believe everyone needs one…. Or two… Or five! They are so functional- ||think beach, park, picnic|| && beyond that they are an essential styling element in your home!

We currently have two for sale but if the demand is as high as we believe it will be we will be stocking our etsy shop!

Hurry and snag yours!
Let us know your thoughts. What colors are you looking for for your house?!







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Keep reading there’s a surprise at the end…


We love supporting other mamas and finding rad threads for our littles! When we happened across rad republic threads we were floored! It’s a family run business creating fun tees, tanks, hoodies, and hats for yourself and your kiddos! We have been with this company since the beginning and watching them grow thrills me! Check them out and snag some goodies! The very best part is that they are offering our readers (YOU) a coupon code for 20% your order!!! Enter lionnamedRAD at checkout! How perfect is that?!?! Get shopping and spread the small business love!






Happy Saturday!!! What are everyone’s Easter plans? We are celebrating with church, family, food, and a giant Easter egg hunt for all the kids! I cannot wait to see how much fun they all have!

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Rad Republic Threads//


Rad Republic Threads is a new company the we got hooked up with via Instagram. It’s been so fun watching their ideas become a reality. They sent Phinneus a shirt prior to their website launching- so you never know what to expect fully. There aren’t product reviews and hundreds of images circling the Internet with their logo plastered all over! So, I have to just say I was blown away! The quality was great, the colors were vibrant, and the over all encounter and customer service was better than I could have hoped. Check out what they are doing as they continue to expand! Their product is rad!


Shirt c/o Rad Republic Threads


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•friendship ramblings•


Friendships are funny sometimes. Right now my closest mama friends are far from me and that’s not actually funny- it sucks. However, as I get older I’m learning about intimacy among friends and it doesn’t develop just because you live near the person or hang out with your kids at the park together. Intimate friendships require work from all parties involved. There must be a trust there that allows the other person to “unveil” if you will. I believe we live in a world so obsessed with image that it takes work to let our guard down and let someone see us for who we really are… those yucky areas of our hearts, our fears, our passions and our dreams.

I’m learning that as people we don’t just cover the ugly. We cover the beauty that makes us who we are. We allow fear to win and silence our deep passions and desires for 100 different reasons. The most traumatic heartbreaks in my life have never come from a boy, but from my very closest friends. Friendships can be brutal but they can also be so insanely beautiful. I’m learning to love and be open despite the fear and the heartache.

Blogging was a silent desire of mine and it took a lot to get me here! It took close friends pulling it out of me to make it happen. Now I’m on this adventure with two awesome friends who live way too far from me but we are learning to use our time wisely and to be open and go deep with one another because that’s were the jewels are hidden.



Phinn and E have been buddies since they were babiessss! They brought these mamas together and we have been friends ever since! We went from living in Lake Forest together, to living in Costa Mesa together, to now being separated by many state lines as we still reside in California and they are now making a life in Ohio! Texting has become our best friend but those sweet moments when we get to see each other face to face and our boys get to scream their little hearts out together are so treasured!

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Words && a whole lotta photos//


On Valentine’s Day a friend of mine posted on Facebook something that has really got me thinking. She lost the one she loves tragically and now she is left on earth while he is in heaven. She was reflecting on the comments people make on V-day about singles being miserable every February 14th and about how it can be quite hurtful and insensitive. It really convicted me. Not because I’m blabbing judgments on single people on valentines day but because I am guilty of complaining or casting judgment about all sorts of random things without considering the journey others are on. I never want to be a person who speaks flippantly but in order to not be a person like that I need to make a conscious decision and renew my mind regularly. I need to remain in Him for He is love. Today and everyday I choose love. I choose grace. I choose joy. I choose honesty && self control. What do you choose?

Now for your viewing pleasure while you think//







What they wore
bow tie – c/o camp wolf
red jeans- Levi’s
button up- target
jean jacket- Levi’s
moccs- freshly picked

bow- c/o camp wolf
overalls- vintage // from her dada
tights- target
moccs- freshly picked

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Potty Vibes.



So Katie shared a few weeks ago about her adventures in potty training and it really spoke to me. I feel honored to blog along side such an inspiring mama but more than that I’m blessed beyond measure to call her my friend.
Katie and I were destined to be friends for a long long time but only officially met when our boys were babies. I instantly clicked with her and knew that I wanted more of her in my life! Over the last two and half years our boys have grown, I’ve had another baby, and she has made a major move across the country to Ohio and we have become closer! We are both major texters so we text all the time and are able to openly share the deep deep places of our heart with each other. She’s one of those people that teaches me, encourages me, laughs with me, supports me, and always gives me that reassuring pat on the back that I’m doing a good job when I feel as though I’m sinking. She had been a godsend in my life and I can say pretty confidently (right?!) that she feels the same way about me. Friendship is tricky and for me it feels as though it’s been trickier that it is for most. My heart has been crushed by a best friend wayyyy more so than by any boys. Girls can be brutal but they can also be exactly what you need. Katie is one of the good ones.

Shoutout homie// I love ya//

Wow that was a tangent!

So anyways all that to be said when I read her words I realized that:
1) all us mamas are just as lost as the next on the potty training game
2) all kids eventually figure it out
3) I needed to get my booty in gear and stop being fearful about it.
So we bought a little potty, we talked about using it, we took it out of the box, we put it back in the box, I asked him about using it, he replied, “tomorrow” and on and on the story goes. I was sorta bummed out and discouraged and I just kept hearing, “when they are ready they are ready” I backed off and then something magical happened! Phinn woke up this morning with a totally dry diaper and asked to use his potty right away! I was in shock-but.he.did.it!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! He took care of business like a pro. He danced around shouting how awesome he was and we took a ton of photos to commemorate such a momentous moment! So for the rest of the day he wore underwear and peed in the potty like a champ without a single accident- except for during his nap when I put him in a diaper. I felt so proud of him for his accomplishment and he felt so proud of himself! That was the best part! It was all him! He was ready and he felt confident!
I in no way think we’ve mastered this but we sure are off to a good start! Who knows what tomorrow holds but I’m excited to find out!



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Go nuts! Donuts!


Okay, so when you take your babies to pick out donuts for the first time you take a million photos to commemorate the occasion, for your blog. Right?

Phinneus walked in like he owned the joint and quickly picked a chocolate donut like it was his job.

Tallulah danced and squealed in my arms until she got her chubby little fingers on some sprinkles.


Overall, I’d call it a success.

We were quickly hyped up on sugar so we ran like the wind and played like crazy at the park.

On a less fun note we want to move but our lease isn’t up until the end of April. We walked through a cute little house today but I’m sure someone will snag it in the next few days. It’s sort of a discouraging place that we are in right now. I just wan a spot that feels like home. A spot that I can really invest in making it ours. A place with a yard for my babies to play out in the sunshine all day and a music room for my boys. ||Also wood floors, white walls, and great light. || That wish list is proving to be more difficult than I thought but we have time and my God is pretty big.


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//Workin// for the weekend.

Life for the Holstrom crew is pretty busy, so we are always looking forward to our weekends together. I like to keep our schedule full while my husband would prefer to just hang- yet he’s the one with all the demanding commitments. I just wanna do the fun stuff! Ha!
Our weekends are typically devoted to family time but this weekend was a bit different. The hubs is the worship pastor at our church and they had their annual planning meeting. So that meant he was out of town for the weekend and I was hangin with the kids solo. ||All you single mamas rule ps.||
We spent some time with friends, went to the mall and rode the carousel, snuggled, phinn did a ton of drumming, we all wrestled, ate some yummy food, took naps, watched some cat in the hat, listened to what does the fox say, || roughly three hundred and twenty six times || && of course had a little photoshoot with TimerCam. •obviously•







What did you spend your weekend doing?!

Lou- headband•leggings•and tee (boys section), Target. Sweater, Carter’s. Moccs, Freshly Picked.
Phinn- green jeans && tee, Target. Sneakers, Old Navy.
Mama- jacket, forever21. Guns and roses tee, Cotton On. Jeans- vintage Levi’s (again). Sneakers, Converse.

//Chair- garage sale score.//

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| let go | let love | let God |



I think there is one thing that moms of all backgrounds, beliefs & statuses can agree on. Letting go is really flipping hard. Whether it be a certain routine you’re trying to jump on, a fight with your man about the same darn thing you fought about before or not fitting into those skinny jeans you bought two sizes too small. Hard is an understatement.

Having only been a mom for two short years now, I’ve realized this… It’s just that. Short.

I can’t believe my colic-ing newborn who had to be held all day long is now an independent little two year old who wants to do everything herself. Beck do it. She’s growing into such a loving & sympathetic little girl who is the bestest big sister.

Beckette was a great sleeper from the start. Her brother, not so much. We are a somewhat co-sleeping type of family. I say somewhat because we didn’t start out that way but it looks like we may just finish that way. Major sleeps in his bassinet most of the night but always ends up snuggled next to me by morning. And all of this is okay.

I’m not saying that we won’t eventually put them in their own room, but it’s ok for right now. With my husband’s schedule being ever changing & mostly gone all night, I have to admit I like having them in bed with me. Maybe I’m guilty of creating bad habits but I know this time with my babies is just a spec & will be gone if I blink too much. So how am I making up for my lack of sleep? With a perfectly snuggly nap with both of them around 10am.

So if you are satisfied with your ability to let go, congrats! But if you aren’t, just remember that this life is short. This life with your husband is short & this life with your babies is even shorter. & always remember to let God do what He was meant to do, I mean He was the one who m a d e you.



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