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Most of my day is spent in the kitchen. I know I’m not the only one! I’m either preparing, cooking, or cleaning in there.

& every mama knows that wherever you are, your little babes follow. I’m trying my best to soak in every second that they want to be near me because soon they will be grown & doing their own big kid things // so sad //

With that being said, it is mighty difficult to load & unload your dishwasher while your almost one year old has climbed inside. I needed to revamp my kitchen to stay appealing to the kiddos, but still give me room to do my mom stuff.

So move over dining room table, here comes the teepee!









Beckette & Major were beyond ecstatic to arrive to James’ grandparents’ living room with a teepee set up right in the center. Even better… We got to take it home!

The plus sign decals came from Urban Walls // they were so simple to put on & give any room some extra dimension without the mess of paint. Pure genius!



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everyone’s favorite moccasins

Freshly picked moccs.
So what’s all the hype anyways?!
Well well well… Let me tell you.
To put it simply,
they are the best.

Susan is one incredible woman and it all flows down from her. She is innovative, practical, resourceful, hands on, and hilarious! She genuinely cares about about her customers and it is evident by the product she creates.
//she is captivating//

The moccasins themselves- they are 100% genuine leather, buttery soft, and come in a multitude of colors! They complete any outfit and the soft sole makes them excellent for little walkers.

In my opinion the suede are more durable and wear better for the long haul. They are also better for little crawlers who are dragging the tops of their feet all over the place.

Another thing that I love about them is how easy they are to slide on and how well they stay on! My kids won’t keep socks on for anything. They pull them off constantly or they slip off and then they are gone for good. I was slightly apprehensive about the moccs because I was nervous they’d kick them/pull them off. So far so good. I’ve never lost one and no one has ever even ripped on off them self! // knock on wood //

Finally, I have to just mention that their customer service is out of this world! Super helpful and accommodating!
Freshly Picked

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Party • a n i m a l s

These two crazies [Beckette James & Major Vonn] went to bed promptly at 8pm without a fuss. I shoulda known…

10:20pm rolls along & I come into our room with Beckette sitting up demanding to watch “Beckette shows” & Major is kicking his blankies off in his cradle. I know what you’re thinking. Why is a seven month old in a cradle? Well I don’t really have a good reason other than he just is.

Well to make a short story long, you’d think they’d be sleepy & cranky all day, but no. They’re as bright eyed & bushy tailed as ever…



Here’s what we wore…

On Beckette:
Denim shirt- Target
Teal jeans- Target
Leopard boots- H&M

On Major-
Tee- Walmart
Pants- Cotton On

On mama-
Denim shirt- Old Navy
Respect Your Mother tee- White Rabbit
Polka dot jeans- Forever 21
Ankle boots- Sam & Libby




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Independent [ little ] woman

Beckette James is developing her own style & it makes me so happy to see her proud of what she’s compiled together. //show daddy!// This is what she wore.





Knit striped sweater- Target
Denim mini skirt- Gap
Geometric leggings- Cotton On
White Vans

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Adventures in •crazysitting•



I finally cut the cord. Well sort of. We finally hired a babysitter for my spirited children. I wish we could say that the husband & I had a fabulous baby-free night with all the romance you could think of, but instead I got t o n s of work done. Which is almost just as good! Date night is our next step!

Hannah is a very sweet seventeen year old from our church who is fantastic with kids. Since I was only in the next room I could somewhat hear how the night went. Beckette did pretty well considering her little separation anxiety phase she’s going through. & Major didn’t sleep |sorry Hannah!| but hopefully he will next time!

This will hopefully be a weekly thing because I have been so overwhelmed with orders |thank you!| & as most of you know, working with a toddler & infant is i m p o s s i b l e. We’re hoping to transition this into real life date nights |crossing fingers!|


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Gluten Free baby?

I have to start off by admitting something. I thought the whole gluten free way of eating was a bunch of bologna. Like any other diet trend, I figured it would soon be gone & something new would surface.

{insert apology to those offended}

Little did I know that it just might become a very big part of my family’s life. Beckette has had some digestive problems the past few weeks. We kept thinking it was something she ate that day. After doing some research, it looks like she may just have a gluten allergy. Although we don’t know for sure yet since tests are still being ran, we started her on a gluten free diet just in case. I mean it couldn’t hurt any to try right?

We are praying that we find the exact reason soon, but hoping that this new diet might just be the answer.

Anyone else experiencing this?



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• s w e e t • babies

All babies are sweet. I know that. However my babies are needing some extra special attention lately. They are both going through big changes in their little bodies & they need me to be extra //sweet// with them & that is just fine with me.

My Major man is typically so easy going & happy all day long. Lately he’s been attached to my hip //or boob// & I’m guessing it’s teething but who knows? It honestly doesn’t really matter anyways because if he wants me to hold him all day, I will. Nothing will become priority over that. No amount of chores or orders will ever come first. E V E R.

As for my main girl, she’s still working through her new fears & is growing more & more aware of things by the day. I’m doing my best to be patient with her when she doesn’t want to go get her water because she’d have to walk under the smoke alarm. Even the Hello Kitty stickers we put on them hasn’t cured the problem.

What do you do to tackle separation anxiety in your littles?





What they wore:

Beckette: shirt & leggings from Gap
Major: onesie from Target & pants from Cotton On

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Growing Up S U C K S

My baby girl is evolving into a little lady right before my eyes. Everyone told me “don’t blink because they’ll be grown soon” but I didn’t realize that saying is 193747282% true. This past month in particular has been one of //big changes//.

Beckette has never cried for me once when leaving her in the gym day care or Jesus school (Sunday school). However, this past time was wayyyyy different. I could see it in her big brown eyes that she felt differently about me leaving & then the tears came. That was all it took for me to scoop her up & take her with me, but it broke my heart. I want her to feel safe & comfortable without me, but how can I let her know that?

Another big change has been her awareness of shame. Precocious is probably one of the best words to describe my girl. She is so outgoing & goofy & so sympathetic. She is my little hero. She can sing the ABCs & count to ten & sing the Dora song & was never embarrassed when my husband & I beamed with pride. Until now. It’s as if she doesn’t want any recognition for her toddler accomplishments. How else am I supposed to react?

The last big change is we got rid of the boom booms (pacifiers). Hallelujah! I am now thanking God that Major won’t take one because boy did that get out of control! She became so obsessive & picky about them so I knew they had to go. We did it cold turkey & it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Dodged that bullet.

What are some changes your littles are going through & how do you feel about it?



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