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American Woman//

She’s feisty, she’s ginger, she’s AMERICAN! These little play shorts are perfect for everything! They’re stretchy & cozy & easy to put on. Anddddd they’re red, white & blue so they’re perfect for all Fourth of July activities! I’ve already washed them twice & they still look as good as ever!

You can find these babies & other fabulous prints at Shop Tippi butttt don’t forget to use the special code just for LNP readers!

Use “liontippi” for 20% off! @shoptippi






-KB @kendrabeshk

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//stripes// & f l o r a l s

Who says you can’t mix them up? Especially when you’re an adorable ginger & can get away with anything! Here’s what they wore!







Jean jacket- vintage Levi’s
Floral jumpsuit- Target
Striped twist headband- made by mama
Red high top Converse

Athletic sweater- Carter’s
Striped pants- Cotton On Kids
Socks- Baby Gap
Boots- Walmart

Have a blessed week!


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Documenting the year 2 of 12

Our family commitment to taking more video continues//

I love this little family of mine and I know I’ll cherish these videos forever!


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Exploring Route 66//


Valentine’s Day has always been a nearly nonexistent holiday for me. There was never a major reason for it to not be a focus, it just wasn’t. This year I was more mindful of it than I have been in years back. I suck at planning but I tried to put a little extra time in and figured out a mini little road trip for my man and I. A friend for IG //who I hope to hang with some day// posted all these fun photos of her birthday adventure and I knew that’s what I wanted to do for our v-day date! We explored Route 66, took a ton of photos, and fully felt like kids again! We had an amazing kid free day reconnecting and laughing. A lot.

Our first stop was Emma Jeans Diner||as seen on Diners Dives and Drive Ins|| I’d love to say it was delicious…. But remember that little fact about me sucking at planning… Well i didn’t check and it was closed on Sundays. Oops.

We continued on down the road and found some food and a few interesting antique shops.


Our journey continued to this rad old gas station with perfect light.




Our last adventure spot on Route 66 was my favorite! We went to Elmer’s Bottle Farm and it was amazing!



We left the ranch and headed closer to home to end the date with dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant that we started going to before we were married and a movie. It was a lovely day.

I’m considering making valentines day a legit holiday in our house for the years to come! What do you think? What are your fun traditions?

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Party • a n i m a l s

These two crazies [Beckette James & Major Vonn] went to bed promptly at 8pm without a fuss. I shoulda known…

10:20pm rolls along & I come into our room with Beckette sitting up demanding to watch “Beckette shows” & Major is kicking his blankies off in his cradle. I know what you’re thinking. Why is a seven month old in a cradle? Well I don’t really have a good reason other than he just is.

Well to make a short story long, you’d think they’d be sleepy & cranky all day, but no. They’re as bright eyed & bushy tailed as ever…



Here’s what we wore…

On Beckette:
Denim shirt- Target
Teal jeans- Target
Leopard boots- H&M

On Major-
Tee- Walmart
Pants- Cotton On

On mama-
Denim shirt- Old Navy
Respect Your Mother tee- White Rabbit
Polka dot jeans- Forever 21
Ankle boots- Sam & Libby




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Independent [ little ] woman

Beckette James is developing her own style & it makes me so happy to see her proud of what she’s compiled together. //show daddy!// This is what she wore.





Knit striped sweater- Target
Denim mini skirt- Gap
Geometric leggings- Cotton On
White Vans

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• s w e e t • babies

All babies are sweet. I know that. However my babies are needing some extra special attention lately. They are both going through big changes in their little bodies & they need me to be extra //sweet// with them & that is just fine with me.

My Major man is typically so easy going & happy all day long. Lately he’s been attached to my hip //or boob// & I’m guessing it’s teething but who knows? It honestly doesn’t really matter anyways because if he wants me to hold him all day, I will. Nothing will become priority over that. No amount of chores or orders will ever come first. E V E R.

As for my main girl, she’s still working through her new fears & is growing more & more aware of things by the day. I’m doing my best to be patient with her when she doesn’t want to go get her water because she’d have to walk under the smoke alarm. Even the Hello Kitty stickers we put on them hasn’t cured the problem.

What do you do to tackle separation anxiety in your littles?





What they wore:

Beckette: shirt & leggings from Gap
Major: onesie from Target & pants from Cotton On

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Vesty Beshky






Background: So Beshky was my husband’s nickname from a lot of people in highschool so naturally, it’s been passed on to me & then Beckette.

Today we had an exciting outing to go to the new Corner Bakery (we’re a one-Target kind of town) & then eventually visit Santa.

I thought this Santa trip would be just like our other two trips. I was so wrong. She wouldn’t even sit on my lap since I was sitting on his chair. She finally stopped screaming once daddy picked her up but this kid could not be b r i b e d. No lollipop, no hat, no promise of presents. We left with no smiles & a very unsubtle ass graze by the big man I’m red.

So did we have a successful Santa photo? Well, you be the judge.

What we wore: me- Ray Bans, vintage vest, foo fighters tee, forever 21 tribal pants, white hightop chucks. Beck- gap vest & jeggings, target tee, H&M boots. Major- gap denim shirt, target tee, cotton on pants, Walmart boots.



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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes are coming!






Okay okay now that those are out of the way I can let y’all in on a little secret! We have added a new mama to our crew and she makes her big debut tomorrow! We are so excited to be able to share this new addition with you! She will spotlight every Wednesday and I just know you’ll love her!

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow for the big reveal!


Ps don’t forget to enter our fun giveaway on Instagram!


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//Workin// for the weekend.

Life for the Holstrom crew is pretty busy, so we are always looking forward to our weekends together. I like to keep our schedule full while my husband would prefer to just hang- yet he’s the one with all the demanding commitments. I just wanna do the fun stuff! Ha!
Our weekends are typically devoted to family time but this weekend was a bit different. The hubs is the worship pastor at our church and they had their annual planning meeting. So that meant he was out of town for the weekend and I was hangin with the kids solo. ||All you single mamas rule ps.||
We spent some time with friends, went to the mall and rode the carousel, snuggled, phinn did a ton of drumming, we all wrestled, ate some yummy food, took naps, watched some cat in the hat, listened to what does the fox say, || roughly three hundred and twenty six times || && of course had a little photoshoot with TimerCam. •obviously•







What did you spend your weekend doing?!

Lou- headband•leggings•and tee (boys section), Target. Sweater, Carter’s. Moccs, Freshly Picked.
Phinn- green jeans && tee, Target. Sneakers, Old Navy.
Mama- jacket, forever21. Guns and roses tee, Cotton On. Jeans- vintage Levi’s (again). Sneakers, Converse.

//Chair- garage sale score.//

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