Forever my baby? 

Before River Gold was born we thought we would absolutely have four children! After he arrived we absolutely believed we were done! I feel guilty sharing that because it makes me nervous that people will get the wrong idea… like that he was a “bad baby” or that we didn’t love him or something crazy like that! But the truth is he is all things wonderful I was just emotionally spent. I felt truly overwhelmed by life and mix that with a large dose of postpartum hormones and you’re sure to jump to some hasty decisions! 

So fast forward like a year-ish. Life was good and suddenly my husband and I both started to think on that baby number four we always wanted! 

Jeremy was the first one bold enough to speak out that he thought we needed one more to complete our family and as alsways his confidence rubbed off on me and quickly I’m in agreement! He makes me feel so brave and sure of myself! It really is one of his most remarkable qualities! 

But anywaysssss as we think more on the timing of baby number four we have found ourselves in a few situations where we are looking for a little more independence from River before we dive back into full on baby mode again! I.e. We’d like a little getaway… or five just the two of us! But you try doin that’s next to impossible task with are little nursin babe! He sleeps through the night and has for months but I nurse him every night before bed and I’m the only one who has ever put him down! 

So step one in desiring a little more independence is going out on a date and having my sister put River to bed…. no nursing…. no mama! And they did it!  He was a total freaking rockstar and had zero issues! I had extremely mixed emotions about his “success” but it for sure is getting us closer to our goal of some good quality mama and papa time!

So I’m daydreaming of a weekend away to Palm Springs for starters! Palm Springs is our favorite but I’m thinking we may wanna try an all new hotel! Any recommendations?!  

Oh and because no post is complete without outfit details let me let you in on a little secret! 

Telegraph Ave Kid // I just recently discovered them and I’m loooooving everything they do! River’s romper and bloomer are from them and they are just so cute and comfy! So, you’re welcome in advance! Hahaha 



Most of my day is spent in the kitchen. I know I’m not the only one! I’m either preparing, cooking, or cleaning in there.

& every mama knows that wherever you are, your little babes follow. I’m trying my best to soak in every second that they want to be near me because soon they will be grown & doing their own big kid things // so sad //

With that being said, it is mighty difficult to load & unload your dishwasher while your almost one year old has climbed inside. I needed to revamp my kitchen to stay appealing to the kiddos, but still give me room to do my mom stuff.

So move over dining room table, here comes the teepee!









Beckette & Major were beyond ecstatic to arrive to James’ grandparents’ living room with a teepee set up right in the center. Even better… We got to take it home!

The plus sign decals came from Urban Walls // they were so simple to put on & give any room some extra dimension without the mess of paint. Pure genius!



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stay [super] weird

In a world full of copies, frauds & fakers, it’s always a good reminder to stay weird. Thank you to Mischief Makers Apparel for this perfect inspiration.








Tank- Mischief Makers Apparel @mischiefmakersapparel
Jeans- J Crew
Sandals- Saltwaters
Watch- Coach

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Beach babies

Spending the day in the sunshine is good for my soul… And theirs.





Thank you zo (@zoeraina) for snapping these beauties! My babies love you way too much!

Insta// @sarahholstrom

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American Woman//

She’s feisty, she’s ginger, she’s AMERICAN! These little play shorts are perfect for everything! They’re stretchy & cozy & easy to put on. Anddddd they’re red, white & blue so they’re perfect for all Fourth of July activities! I’ve already washed them twice & they still look as good as ever!

You can find these babies & other fabulous prints at Shop Tippi butttt don’t forget to use the special code just for LNP readers!

Use “liontippi” for 20% off! @shoptippi






-KB @kendrabeshk

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Big Red

So remember that gum Big Red? Remember how spicy it was at first & then lost its flavor? Then what did you do? Unwrapped another stick & popped it in your mouth.

Beckette is my Big Red. She’s spicy & feisty & I cannot get enough of her.








What she wore-

Tee- Trilogy Design Co @trilogydesignco
Shorts- made by Beck’s great grandmother
Socks- Target
Sandals- Saltwaters
Bracelets- The Flourish @the_flourish

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Post vacation blues

Today I’m laying in bed with a headache and it’s making me want to cry. It’s sorta weird. I mean it hurts a lot but for whatever reason it’s making me super emotional. I just wanna be playing in the sunshine with my babies! Thankfully my husband is super dad and he’s been taking great care of them and letting them come in and snuggle me sweetly ever so often.

In between falling in and out of sleep I’m thinking of that last few days we had together in Palm Springs. They were perfect. We are in the midst of a high stress season and getting out of town and away from on the chaos was a beautiful gift! We had no agenda // just swim, eat, and sleep. It was glorious. The kids had a blast and my sister stayed with us so the hubs and I were even able to sneak in some late night swimming and a movie date!






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everyone’s favorite moccasins

Freshly picked moccs.
So what’s all the hype anyways?!
Well well well… Let me tell you.
To put it simply,
they are the best.

Susan is one incredible woman and it all flows down from her. She is innovative, practical, resourceful, hands on, and hilarious! She genuinely cares about about her customers and it is evident by the product she creates.
//she is captivating//

The moccasins themselves- they are 100% genuine leather, buttery soft, and come in a multitude of colors! They complete any outfit and the soft sole makes them excellent for little walkers.

In my opinion the suede are more durable and wear better for the long haul. They are also better for little crawlers who are dragging the tops of their feet all over the place.

Another thing that I love about them is how easy they are to slide on and how well they stay on! My kids won’t keep socks on for anything. They pull them off constantly or they slip off and then they are gone for good. I was slightly apprehensive about the moccs because I was nervous they’d kick them/pull them off. So far so good. I’ve never lost one and no one has ever even ripped on off them self! // knock on wood //

Finally, I have to just mention that their customer service is out of this world! Super helpful and accommodating!
Freshly Picked

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Mexican Throw Blankets

We are trying out something new over at LNP! We are going to be selling authentic Mexican blankets. Both Kendra and myself are totally obsessed with these blankets and believe everyone needs one…. Or two… Or five! They are so functional- ||think beach, park, picnic|| && beyond that they are an essential styling element in your home!

We currently have two for sale but if the demand is as high as we believe it will be we will be stocking our etsy shop!

Hurry and snag yours!
Let us know your thoughts. What colors are you looking for for your house?!







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Homemade Organic Baby & Toddler Food

If any of you are like me, then you hate spending money, but still want the best for your little babe.

That’s a tough combination to have especially when your kid is eating more & more & the price of good wholesome food goes up & up.

I’ve always preferred to make my babies’ food at home since I know exactly what’s going into their precious little tummies. We have to be even more careful now that we know Beckette has Celiac Disease & it’s most likely that Major will have it as well. It’s just one more reason to make our own baby food.

I have a baby bullet food processor which I’ve adored, but storing & packing up the food can be a hassle. We’re not the type of family that stays home all day. I’m carting those two red heads all over town. To the printer, to the post office, to my leather supplier. So more often then not, we’re eating on the go. This led me to buying those packaged food pouches & that just killed me. Yes they were organic, but they’re so expensive!

I needed my own pouches! Disposable pouches cost about 50 cents a piece so that doesn’t save much. I needed reusable ones! Well no need to look further… Let me introduce you to Squooshi!

Reusable food pouches that have a ziplock on the bottom. Dishwasher & freezer safe too! Hallelujah! And better yet, you get 6 pouches for only $19! I’m mean seriously?!







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